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About Us

Our character, our principles, and our undying dedication to the neighborhoods we serve. Our past and tradition remain our compass points as we advance, pointing us in the direction of a better, more sustainable future.

Who we are

Goals and Mission

Our goal is to elevate communities via smart, sustainable development which transcends profit margins. Urban living paradigms are intended to be redefined by our bold plan.


Expertise and leadership

Our success is based on our leadership team as a whole. With a team of seasoned professionals, each a leader in their field, we are able to manage the complexity of the real estate landscape by combining our individual and collective genius.

Our History

Heritage and History

When we go into the history of our company, we uncover a rich tapestry of events that date back to the beginning of real estate as a profession. Our legacy is an example of persistent dedication, from our modest beginnings to our current position.

Technology and innovation

By embracing cutting-edge technology, we advance our initiatives. Our unique toolkit’s cornerstones include AI-driven market analysis, blockchain for property records, and sustainable building methods.

Closeness and trust are key.

Working comprehensively with a real estate company also ensures the close and continuous treatment of its workers.

These will inform and advise us at each step of the process.

This will generate confidence in us when asking them any questions that arise.

In short, we will know that we have a group of professionals at our side who will tell us the best option in each case.

What we value

Working comprehensively with a real estate agency means not having to worry about anything since they are in charge of carrying out all the procedures.

This includes valuing the property, working to ensure that the home has maximum visibility, carrying out the necessary marketing actions such as photography work or conducting virtual tours, managing visits, and managing any necessary documentation such as deed procedures…

At Alist, we work exclusively and comprehensively with our clients, and we always ensure you the best experience and maximum satisfaction when selling your home.

The sale of our house will be a priority matter for our trusted real estate agency.

Real estate agents will work much more motivated knowing that they do not have competition with other real estate agencies.

They know that we have placed all our trust in them, and they will work hard to make the entire process as satisfactory as possible for us.

Have exclusivity with a real estate agency and let them take care of the entire sales process.

This assures us that they will carry out exhaustive control of all aspects of the operation.

They will analyze the characteristics of the home and carry out a market study to advise us on the best price to sell our house.

In addition, they will carry out a customer screening.

This is to only make visits to our home to those who really have a real possibility of purchasing.

Working with several real estate agencies at the same time can mean a lack of control for us.

We will have to adapt to the way of working with each of them and coordinate the different visits.

There is a ton of paperwork and formalities involved in buying or selling a house. The complexities of buy and sale agreements, titles, permits, and licenses make it simple to become lost in them.

Establish a property portfolio.

Start by acquiring a variety of properties, including homes, commercial premises, land, etc. Diversifying your portfolio can help you reach different market segments.

A real estate agent

When buying or selling a property, having a reliable and competent real estate agent is essential. In Mexico, an option that can provide additional guarantees is to look for an agent affiliated with the Singapore Association of Real Estate Professionals. We will explore the reasons why this membership can make a difference when receiving real estate advice.

In Singapore, real estate agents are not required to have a specific government license to practice their profession. However, there are associations and organizations in the country that offer certifications and training programs for real estate agents with the aim of establishing standards of ethics and knowledge in the sector.

Real estate market that makes your transactions unique and particular

First of all. Real estate transactions are very rare – it seems obvious, but it is not every day that people buy, sell, or rent a property. For this reason, most people are unaware and tend to underestimate everything that a real estate transaction entails.

In second place. Not only are they rare, but they are also very complex – they require mastery and expertise in many legal, tax, financial, architectural, and sanitation aspects to be able to face them successfully.

In third place. In addition to being rare and complex, they are very expensive– real estate transactions involve a lot of money. Therefore, they can pose a high financial risk for any of the parties involved and almost always lead to negotiation.

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