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Property investment in Singapore: Does it still have long-term value?

Although they have currently fallen out of favor, Singapore REITs could still provide investors with sustainable long-term income.

The Value of

Growth in the retail sector in Singapore

The retail market recovery is expected to be prolonged, given the risks and uncertainties that remain, although the moderate level of upcoming supply will mitigate it.

Real estate investment Trusts

Real estate investment trusts have gained popularity as a means of earning income from real estate investments all over the world. This is especially true in Singapore, which has emerged as the Asian REIT center since the founding of the first one, CapitaLand Mall Trust, in 2002. However, income-generating investments like REITs are hardly drawing interest now that the US Federal Reserve is boosting interest rates.

This is generally explained because as fixed income yields rise, the yield difference between a ‘safer’ bond and a ‘riskier’ fixed income security (usually called the ‘yield spread’) narrows. Therefore, Therefore, it is less attractive.

But let’s take a look at long-term performance and look at Singapore REITs versus the rest of the equity market. We can see that they can still be useful in investors’ portfolios over longer time horizons and for anyone who is looking for a sustainable source of income.

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Analyze the customer base

The obligatory step to define the profile of your clients is to study the buyers with whom you have already worked. This will give you a first approach to the characteristics, expectations, and needs of buyers related to your business.

What we offer :

Expert in Property Advice

We will tell you why it is important to have expert help. There are many factors to consider when purchasing new condo launch 2024. That is why the help of a real estate agency in the process is invaluable.

As experts in the field, real estate agencies and their agents know first-hand the entire process of negotiating prices, purchase terms, sales agreements, and legal and financing requirements. The truth is that, with so many variables at play, it is worth seeking this type of advice.

One of the main benefits of working with a real estate agency is having a wide range of properties available. This includes location, size, and the features you really need for your new investment if you are looking for a specific requirement, such as location, prices, or the type of property.

In short, having a real estate agency could increase your profitability on the investment. Real estate agents have training and experience in the matter. In addition, they have detailed information on all the properties they offer and would be happy to help you with the entire process of selling your home.

Best price for the home. Depending on the promotion of the home, one price or another will be achieved.

Trust in the agency and the agent. Signing a multi-exclusive contract means for the seller to establish a relationship of trust with the agency and his advisor.

We take care of everything.

We take care of everything; that is, they offer a complete service to their clients.

Our agents facilitate transactions between the parties involved in the sale or rental of a property. In addition, they are also responsible for advising on which home is most suitable for each user.

A professional in the sector will become a fundamental guide during the process since they will listen to the needs of the people who attend the real estate agency and will adjust to their priorities. This will mean that the interested party will only have to spend a small number of hours looking for homes or people willing to buy, and it will provide greater security.

Another function is to negotiate prices and conditions. The real estate agent can get the owner to sell his property for a price in line with the market.

You will also be in charge of managing all documents: contracts, order notes, etc. Thanks to his training in legal issues, he will ensure that contracts are not fraudulent or contain any irregularity.

One of the most relevant functions for clients is the search for appropriate financing. Negotiating the best conditions for a mortgage with the bank is a complex task, so the ideal is to place our trust in a real estate agent.

A good real estate agency will be a successful purchase.

To gain greater confidence in the real estate agency and its management, it always helps to ask about the strategies they implement to ensure economic benefits for our investment.

Staying in contact with the real estate agent is of utmost importance to keep us informed of each situation and proposal that arises.

If the above characteristics are taken into consideration when choosing a good real estate agency, the probability of making a successful purchase increases.

Ideal property for each user

This task is quite complex due to the constant changes experienced by the real estate market. A team of agents will spend hours reviewing the available options and carrying out various studies to offer these properties to interested parties subsequently.

Provide customer support at all times

The real estate agent will be in charge of answering all your questions both physically, that is, by going to the agency and by telephone or video calls. Thanks to this, the user knows in detail all the conditions of the process quickly and easily.

Advertise the properties

Another of the main tasks of real estate companies is real estate advertising of properties through different media: best real estate portals, free real estate portals, social networks for real estate agencies ( Facebook ads for real estate agencies, Instagram ads, Twitter ads, websites for real estate agencies, physical brochures, exhibitions, and fairs, etc.


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Thank you so much for your hard work. We recommend anyone looking for her dream home or anyone looking to sell her property to contact you. We wish you all the best for the future. Betty P. Huddleston
Christopher Sirianni

Our Best Services

Investment maximization

A real estate agency manages properties that are usually valuable investments. Proper management ensures that these properties are maintained and optimally profitable.

Legal compliance

The real estate market is subject to specific regulations and laws. Professional management guarantees compliance with these regulations, avoiding legal problems.

Marketing and promotion

A real estate agency needs to promote its properties to attract buyers or tenants. Management includes effective real estate marketing strategies to reach the right audience.

Rental and sales optimization

Efficient management translates into higher rents and successful sales transactions. This increases revenue and return on investment.

Maintenance and care

Properties must be properly maintained to retain their value. Property management ensures that repairs and maintenance are carried out when necessary.

Investing in Real estate

The truth is that there are many benefits to investing in real estate.

Long-term profitability

You must know that investing in real estate is a long-term career. Therefore, the return on your investment may be a benefit for your future. In fact, according to our experience, on average, it takes 21 years of rent to repay the purchase of real estate.

Generation of passive income

We all dream of this type of income. Surely, you will know many people you admire who live off their passive income. Some examples are artists, writers, or producers who live off royalties from their works.

Diversification of the investment portfolio

Luckily, investing for the long term and generating passive income can help you diversify your investment portfolio. This means this type of income could help you invest in new properties until you can eventually build a small real estate business.

Potential for significant earnings

Imagine that you invest in a property for approximately S/1,440,000 in a growing area. As the years go by and due to the effect of the great demand for housing, your property now becomes worth S/1,650,000. If you decided to sell at that time, your profits would be S/210,000.