Yoga storytelling for children

Yoga storytelling for children

There are many ways to tell stories, so why not with yoga? It was this thought that led yoga teacher Kathy Gabriel to start conducting yoga storytelling classes for parents and their children four years ago.

On her unconventional approach towards yoga, the petite 25-year-old says: “Yoga is simply a way to have fun with your body and to be more self-aware.”

She will be teaching a sold-out class based on the popular children’s storybook, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, as part of the Singapore Writers Festival 2018.

Her interest in yoga storytelling is influenced by the way she came to yoga too. She had turned to the exercise as a way of dealing with the confusion, vexation, and displacement she felt after her mother died when she was 14.

Yoga to her is therefore more than just about achieving mental focus and spiritual wellness; it is also an avenue for self-expression, and for learning about love. So, her yoga storytelling classes are designed for parents to participate with their children, from as young as age two, and to build strong family bonds.

She says the classes have also allowed parents to discover their child’s creative sides through play and imagination. “It has often been said that the best yogi is a child, because children do not have the same sense of inhibition as adults.”

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