WHUT Happened? by Li Xie

WHUT Happened? by Li Xie

“WHUT happened?” is a participatory radio play series that invites listeners to be part of the creation process of their own radio play. Hosted mainly in Mandarin, the 20-episode series will explore different scenarios or themes through soundscapes or minimal text (e.g. mystery, sci-fi, horror, nostalgia, comedy). Simple tips on creating radio plays based on the key elements of drama such as, characters, characterization, intent, conflict and plot, will be scaffolded in all episodes. At the end of each episode, listeners are invited to create and record their response, which will be aired in subsequent episodes. Depending on the listeners’ responses, there is room for a particular scenario to evolve.

Brought to you by veteran theatre practitioner Li Xie who is also working in collaboration with 3Pumpkins. Together with Lions Befrienders, there are future plans to reformat “WHUT happened” into audio files to be sent to isolated seniors.

We can’t wait to share more awesome content with you. This is going to be so much fun.

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