What’s On This Weekend: 2 to 4 August 2019

What’s On This Weekend: 2 to 4 August 2019

New month, fresh start, a chance to try something new. Our pick of fun and exciting things to try this weekend include making splatter paint works, attending a free music festival and catching a theatre performance featuring young, homegrown talents. Read on for our recommendations.


This art, music, dance and gaming festival is for both the young and young-at-heart. Organised by the National Youth Council, it celebrates young talents in the arts and culture scene, and provides them with a platform to showcase their works. The festival will feature performances by local bands, dance groups and artists. Details here.

Visual Art
Splat Paint House

Channel your inner Jackson Pollock or turn your work-week frustrations into a masterpiece at this art studio. It specialises in splatter paint works and encourages participants to unleash their creativity, or stress, by applying paint any way they like, on any surface in the studio. Details here.

L.O.U.D @ Kolam Ayer

Spend a relaxing Saturday evening by the Kallang River, soaking up music, art and large-scale installations. This free event includes hands-on workshops for marbling art and lantern-making, as well as music performances. It is part of the islandwide PAssionArts Festival, which seeks to bring local communities together through the arts. Details here.

The Block Party

Nourish your mind and soul with this play, which aims to dig deeper into social issues that are often misrepresented, or which leave people blindsided. This performance by The Community Theatre and Beyond Social Services is part of the M1 Peer Pleasure Youth Theatre Festival, which features works by young people on social issues of the day. Details here.

Encounter Beethoven: A Mid-Summer Chamber Concert

Lose yourself in chamber music at this concert featuring musicians from the homegrown chamber orchestra, re:Sound Collective. The programme includes works by composers such as Beethoven and Glinka. Details here.

(Photos: Splat Paint House, National Youth Council, People’s Association, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay and Licha Stelaus)

We can’t wait to share more awesome content with you. This is going to be so much fun.

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