What urban life is like in 2219 | The A List
The exhibition, 2219: Futures Imagined, at the ArtScience Museum features visions of tomorrow, as imagined by artists, architects, filmmakers and writers.

What urban life is like in 2219 | The A List

When you think of the distant future, 200 years from now, does your mind turn to images of a virtual world governed by technology, or perhaps a dystopic vision of environmental doom and societal disorder?

The ArtScience Museum exhibition, 2219: Futures Imagined, offers an immersive, imaginative playground of what the future could possibly hold. Visitors to the show can step into installations that bring to life scenarios from 2219, as imagined by artists, architects, filmmakers and writers.

The exhibition is inspired by Singapore writer Alvin Pang’s 2219 Stories project. Scroll on for a teaser of what awaits you in your future.

2219 futures imagined

The underground realm of possibility
It is the year 2065 and Singapore, driven by population growth, extreme land scarcity and unliveable surface conditions, has transformed into a subterranean utopia. Scenes of this underground life play out in the film, Subterranean Singapore 2065, by architectural photographer and digital artist Finbarr Fallon.

The work is shown in an immersive set-up of scaffolding, and it evokes the ambience of a grim, fictional underground city. It questions the costs of pursuing such a life and examines the limits of technological advancement in securing our future.

2219 future imagined blooming exhibition

Physical connection in a digital world
In the hyper-digitally-connected future, there will be perhaps nothing more moving than physical presence and embrace. That, at least, is the belief of multidisciplinary artist Lisa Park.

Her interactive installation, Blooming, has a digitally projected cherry blossom tree that flowers when motion sensors detect museum visitors holding hands or hugging in front of the screen. Park hopes the installation will leave visitors with a deep impression of the importance, and beauty, of human relationships.

2219 futures imagined win >< win

The reign of jellyfish
Imagine a world where jellyfish rule and human beings are endangered species, due ironically, to the environmental damage they have caused. This poetic yet sobering scenario is brought to life by German theatre group Rimini Protokoll in its participatory theatre performance, win >< win.

Everything but Gold

Old is gold
If change is the only constant, will memories and ideals that we hold dear eventually fade away and become lost? Artist Adeline Kueh explores this possible reality in her work, Everything but Gold, which suggests that objects that stand the test of time can be vessels for passing on treasured ideas and values.

Her work features humble bead strands made by her parents when they were dating in 1963. She has held onto three strands over the years and replaced missing beads with gold pieces. She plans to pass the strands down to her son as a token of family tradition and enduring bonds of love.

Details on 2219: Futures Imagined, here.

(Photos: ArtScience Museum, Adeline Kueh, Finbarr Fallon, Lisa Park, Rimini Protokoll)

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