What to see, watch and listen this week

What to see, watch and listen this week

This week, gather the family for the return of the popular Silver Arts festival with activities perfect for young and old. Compose poetry inspired by family memories, catch an entertaining musical, or delve deeper into the Southeast Asian tradition of wayang kulit. Read on and enjoy a week filled with arts and culture.

Literary Arts

Silver Arts 2020 – Foto-Foto Memory Lab: A Writing Workshop For Seniors


Relive fond memories through poetry with this online writing workshop for seniors, led by well-known author Amanda Lee Koe. Participants will learn how to write poetry inspired by old photographs and memories, and share their works with the public at the end of the workshop. The workshop is part of this year’s Silver Arts 2020 festival, presented by the National Arts Council and dedicated to celebrating seniors and creative ageing. Learn more about the Foto-Foto Memory Lab here and view the tutorial here any time from 2 Sep, 2pm.


Silver Arts 2020 – Singing Market


Travel back to the 1970s with this musical performance by Asia Musical Productions, from the comfort of your home. The show, about a group of market vendors who have only two weeks to prepare for a performance during the Ghost Festival, promises to entertain with its toe-tapping songs, colourful costumes and charming characters. The show was first presented as part of Silver Arts 2018. Catch Singing Market here any time from 4 Sep, 2pm.


Conversations To Flinders (Digital) Station

Converstions to flinders staton

Don’t miss this collection of four original compositions by musician Jeremy Yeo, in collaboration with various local musicians. The recordings incorporate experimental digital music effects, accompanied by video art, visuals and footage of familiar sights around Singapore, while the title track  is inspired by the sounds of city life in Melbourne, Australia, and the iconic Flinders Street Station, a major train and tram hub in the city. Groove to Conversations to Flinders (digital) Station here.

Visual Arts

Immaterial Bodies

immaterial-bodies-HRO_01-Wayne Lim

For a contemplative experience, visit Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film’s new group exhibition, Immaterial Bodies. It features works ranging from moving images to audio-visual installations by artists ila, Wayne Lim, Weixin Quek Chong and Denise Yap. Together, they explore relationships between human bodies and their surroundings, including the urban landscape, social systems and kinship. The exhibition is curated by Seet Yun Teng, a recipient of Objectifs’ Curator Open Call 2020. Learn more about Immaterial Bodies at Objectifs here.


Cita Seni: Movingly Wayang


Be entranced by this online wayang kulit performance by artists Nurfaizal Jaafar and Mohamed Norazam Hakub from the Singapore-based cultural group, Sri Setia Pulau Singa. Trained by Pak Soh Lapok, a distinguished master puppeteer from Kelantan, the two artists will present a traditional puppet shadow play with a flavour of Singaporean culture. Catch Cita Seni: Movingly Wayang on 5 Sep, 11am here.

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