What to see, watch and listen from home #10

What to see, watch and listen from home #10

A dose of arts and culture a day might just be what you need to keep boredom at bay. Enrich your stay-home experience with a digital art-making experience, a video tour of a heritage home, or listen to an audio recording of a moving play. Keep scrolling for more inspiration.

Visual Arts
My INK-credible Adventure


Channel your inner artist with this interactive digital canvas that allows you to express yourself through ink splashes, splatters and drops. This digital art offering is part of the National Gallery Singapore’s family-friendly platform Gallery Kids!, which provides free home-based art activities and resources weekly. Get creative with My INK-credible Adventure here.

Mahler’s Symphony No.8


Perk up your day with a lively performance of Mahler’s Symphony No. 8 by the Orchestra of the Music Makers. This concert at the Esplanade Concert Hall was part of celebrations to mark Singapore’s 50th year of independence in 2015. Catch the performance of Mahler’s Symphony No. 8 here.

NUS Baba House


Peek into the NUS Baba House, a Peranakan Chinese house built in 1895 and since converted into a heritage project, with this video tour. The tour is presented by the honorary curator of the House, Mr Peter Lee, and conservation expert, Dr Nikhil Joshi. The video is part of the NUS Centre for the Arts’ digital platform Spotlight TV, which features past performances at the Centre, as well as its online arts and culture collections. Go on a virtual exploration of the NUS Baba House here.

The Heart Comes To Mind


Delve into a heartfelt exploration of the bonds between a father and daughter with this audio recording of The Heart Comes to Mind, a new play written by playwright Lucas Ho and presented by homegrown theatre company Checkpoint Theatre. The recording features actors Oon Shu Ann and Julius Foo in a rehearsal of the play, which had its performance cancelled due to COVID-19. The audio recording of the play, is available for streaming as part of The Esplanade’s The Studios Online until Friday, 12 June, here.

The Secret Language Of Hands


Discover the meaning behind the different mudras, or hand gestures, in Bharatanatyam, one of the eight Indian classical dance forms, with this interactive guide. Explore the hand gestures in Bharatanatyam here.

For more digital arts and culture offerings to enjoy from home, explore #SGCultureAnywhere.

(Photos: National Gallery Singapore, Orchestra of Music Makers, Urban Redevelopment Authority, Checkpoint Theatre and Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay)

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