What makes the Chinese Singaporean culture unique | The A List

What makes the Chinese Singaporean culture unique | The A List

What makes the Chinese Singaporean culture special? A new interactive exhibition at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre hopes to shed light on this question and show how this culture has emerged and evolved through the years. Here are highlights from the exhibition:

Chinese Singaporeans then and now

sccc zone one

A section in the exhibition explains how Chinese heritage, cultural interactions and public policies came together to shape the rise of Chinese Singaporeans. Don’t miss fun historical facts such as why the famed hornbill skull was so valuable among Chinese Singaporeans in the early days (clue: it was a hit with the fashion set), and how many Chinese dialect groups there are in Singapore (clue: more than four).

Values passed down through the generations

sccc zone two

You will find in the show interesting heirlooms passed down through generations of Singaporean Chinese families, including chou chou (a pillow from one’s childhood) and an old cassette player, which point to what people hold dear. Tip: There is a hidden door in the exhibition that opens into a cosy space where you can hear heart-warming personal stories of Singaporean Chinese.

A gastronomical journey

hawker table

There is a table in the exhibition that lays out a multimedia feast of popular local foods and tells the origins of these dishes, including kaya toast and chicken rice. Want to show some love for your favourite Singaporean Chinese foods? Tap your exhibition wristband on your top picks at a nearby display of the food items.

Test your kopi-making skills

kopitiam game

Consider yourself a pro when it comes to the different names of drinks one can order at a hawker centre? Then flex your skills at this digital game table and make the highest number of drinks to fulfil the order and beat your opponent. This is a game of speed, dexterity and accuracy. Tip: Displayed on the walls beside the table are the various drinks one can order at a hawker centre; memorise them to gain an edge over your competitor.

Details about SINGAPO 人: Discovering Chinese Singaporean Culture here.

(Photos courtesy of Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre)

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