What life in the future looks like

What life in the future looks like

If you are done with 2020 and ready to fast forward to the future, the exhibition Preview of the Future offers a glimpse of what life might look like in years to come.

The showcase at the Red Dot Design Museum Singapore in Marina Bay features more than 200 inventions and designs, across categories such as children’s items, everyday accessories  and outdoor equipment, by winners of the international Red Dot Design Award. Ground-breaking designs on show include everything from a multi-use playpen to a robotic prosthetic leg and a deployable emergency shelter, which promise to improve people’s lives.  

Here are five not-to-be-missed highlights from the exhibition:

Playpen of the future

The Little Hoppa by designer Sofie Hepworth is a minimalist wonder that combines a baby’s playset, a toddler’s jump seat and a child’s activity table into a single functional item; its use evolves as the baby grows up. As an infant playset, it has a mat for the baby to lie on and toys suspended above the mat. When the little one starts learning to walk, the playset can be converted into a height-adjustable jump seat. The item can also transform into a table for a pre-schooler. It is made of materials such as wood and natural rubber which are durable and easy to maintain.

Robotic prosthetic knees

Robotic Prostetic Knee design exhibition

Designed by BionicM Inc., the Robotic Prosthetic Knee uses cutting-edge robotics and biomechanical technology to help amputees walk with greater ease and increase their quality of life. The motor-powered prosthetic hassophisticated sensors that determine how the user intends to move, and it can make precise adjustments accordingly to replicate natural movements. This innovative prosthetic  won the highest achievement in the Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2020.

Ingenious backpacks for cyclists

Unlimited backpack design exhibition

The Un/Limited backpack designed by Cho Kuan-hua is a fully waterproof and size adjustable backpack, tailored to the needs of an urban cyclist. The backpack can expand up to almost nine times its original size, and it also has a belt that allows the user to strap on larger items. 

Preserving architectural icons

Metabolist Regeneration of a Dementia Nation design exhibition

Have you ever wondered what Singapore might look like in the future? Designer Jerome Ng Xin Hao reimagines how the iconic Golden Mile Complex might look in the animated film  Metabolist Regeneration of a Dementia Nation. The film documents the lives of residents living in the Golden Mile building, and it presents an  alternate future for the architectural development – one where the past coexists with the future.

Glamping in winter wonderland

Deployable Emergency Shelter design exhibition

Inspired by snow caves and Inuit igloos, the Deployable Emergency Shelter, designed by Samuel Charles Barratt and Henry Glogau, serves as a refuge against extreme cold. It does so ingeniously by using snow as an insulator. The shelter is also shaped like a water-droplet; its aerodynamic structure prevents the shelter from being displaced by forceful winds. The lightweight portable tent can also be set up in mere seconds. 

Get your tickets for Preview of the Future here. This exhibition will be on until 31 December 2020.

(Photos: Red Dot Design Museum Singapore)

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