Traditional Koothu Performance by AKT Creations

Traditional Koothu Performance by AKT Creations

Enjoy this traditional koothu performance, a mesmerising traditional art form withsongs, narration and lively dance movements, on the Indian Heritage Centre’s Facebook page from Tues, 15 Sep, 6pm. The performance is held in Tamil with English subtitles.

This virtual performance is part of the Centre’s first digital edition of IHC Culture Fest, which celebrates the diversity of Indian arts, culture and heritage in Singapore through the lens of the epic literary work Ramayana. Traditional and contemporary cultural performances, panel discussions, workshops, story-telling sessions, cooking demonstrations and art installations will explore a wide variety of Indian art and culture forms and their influences. The festival will run until Sun, 20 Sep.

Brought to you by AKT Creations and the Indian Heritage Centre.

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