Tips for capturing the National Day fireworks display with your handphone
Image of a previous National Day fireworks display. (Photo: Bao Meng Long)

Tips for capturing the National Day fireworks display with your handphone

That time of the year is upon us, where we put on our best red and white outfits, display the national flag in our homes and sing along to our favourite National Day songs.

Despite the pandemic, the Singapore spirit remains strong and will be on show during the National Day celebrations. Among the many new features in this year’s celebration, the fireworks display will take place in not one but in multiple different locations across Singapore.

Read on for our tips on capturing the fireworks display with your smartphone, if you’re one of the lucky ones with a view of the fireworks right in your neighbourhood.

Have a tripod ready

Nothing is worse than a blurry image due to shaky hands. Have a tripod within easy reach and set it on an even and stable surface to ensure that your pictures turn out clear.  

Use a remote shutter release

Another cause of blurry images is camera shake during hand-held shots. A quick fix is to use a remote shutter release so that you can continue snapping away without having to touch your phone. Alternatively, if your smartphone camera has a timer function to capture photos on a delay, you can also use it to keep your phone stable.

Turn on Live Photos or Motion Photos

Most smartphones today come equipped with the ability to capture short animations using tools such as Live Photos on the iPhone and Motion Photos on Android phones. These tools are perfect for snapping fireworks. By turning on this feature, you can capture an animated photo of the display or choose the best frame from the animation.

Try a pro-camera application

For smartphone photography enthusiasts, consider downloading mobile camera applications that will allow you to manually control your camera’s settings, such as the light sensitivity, for a more vivid photo of the display.

If you found any of our tips helpful and used them to snap photos of the National Day fireworks, let us know by tagging us on Facebook and Instagram. Find out more about the National Day events here.

We can’t wait to share more awesome content with you. This is going to be so much fun.

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