Thriving Singapore by ALH Studio and Creativesatwork

Thriving Singapore by ALH Studio and Creativesatwork

What if we could envision together a “Thriving Singapore” through technology? ALH Studio, a creativity and innovation studio, and Creativesatwork, a freelance media agency are coming together with 14 artists to co-create this virtual art experience with you.

15 items or symbols that are representative of what it means to be a “Thriving Singapore” will be crowdsourced from the public and used by visual artists Michael Ng, Anne-Laure Herrezuelo, and the DPLMT Crew to create new collaborative digital artworks. Submit your symbol here, before Mon, 31 Aug and stand a chance to get your symbol picked as an inspiration for this virtual exhibition on Sat, 10 Oct.

Brought to you by ALH Studio and Creativesatwork.

We can’t wait to share more awesome content with you. This is going to be so much fun.

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