Things to do, watch, listen this week: 27 Dec to 2 Jan

Things to do, watch, listen this week: 27 Dec to 2 Jan

In this week between Christmas and New Year, The A List brings you two art shows grounded in photorealism and a kitsch sensibility, and two ways to relive the glory days of Singapore’s New World amusement park. Capping off our selection is a Virtual Experience of glass maestro Dale Chihuly’s recent show at Gardens by the Bay.

Visual Arts

Candyland by Roberto Bernardi

Week 53 WTSWL_Candyland arts and culture

For a quarter of a century, photorealist painter Roberto Bernardi has focused his gaze on the beauty of everyday objects – glasses, crockery and kitchen appliances – using subtly restless compositions and playing with our sense of natural scale to inject an element of surrealism. Having found success in Europe and the US, Bernardi has collaborated with Mucciaccia Gallery at Gillman Barracks to bring some of his recent works to Singapore. Get ready for vibrant paintings of disconcertingly oversized candy, liquorice, ­jelly babies, and lollipops wrapped in cellophane. Find out more about Candyland by Roberto Bernardi here.

Heritage Arts

New, Great and Happy: The Amusement “Worlds” of Singapore

Week 53 WTSWL_New Great Happy arts and culture

Every day until 9 Jan at the National Museum’s Stamford Gallery, you can step into the long-gone but fondly remembered amusement ‘worlds’ that shaped popular culture in Singapore from the 1920s until the 1980s. Relive the life and times of the three most famous and enduring of these entertainment hotspots – New World, Great World and Happy World (renamed Gay World in 1964) – at this digital amusement park where you can get into the swing of things and learn some interesting facts about these playgrounds for the masses. You can also try some classic amusement park games and rides courtesy of carnival veteran, Uncle Ringo. Find out more about New, Great and Happy: The Amusement “Worlds” of Singapore here.


New World’s End

Week 53 WTSWL_Worlds End arts and culture

Enjoy a different take on New World amusement park in this immersive, self-guided tour that intertwines the history of Jalan Besar with a fictional tale about a pair of young lovers. As their story unfolds, audiences find themselves in back alleys and hidden spaces redolent with the history of this colourful neighbourhood, where Singapore’s first amusement park opened its doors in 1923. After a highly successful run, this imaginative tour experience is due to end on 2 Jan. Find out more about New World’s End here.



Week 53 WTSWL MOTUS arts and culture

Head to Esplanade Outdoor Theatre on 1 Jan for this lively performance that’s part of Free Performances Jan: All Things New. Taking place at 6.45pm and 8.15pm and running for 45 mins, the concert is staged by an amalgamation of vocalists, instrumentalists and a bateria (literally a drum kit in Portuguese and Spanish, but generally used to mean a samba band in Brazil) who have but one goal: to create music that gets you moving. Seats are first-come, first-served. Find out more about MOTUS here.

Visual Arts


Week 53 WTSWL_Ornamental arts and culture

Get along to the Yeo Workshop gallery at Gillman Barracks before 9 Jan for this group exhibition featuring local and regional artists Quynh Dong, Santi Wangchuan, Shayne Phua, Stephanie Jane Burt and Lizzie Wee (the photo is a still from her multimedia piece, Honey Trap). Kitsch motifs, hyperrealism and video art are presented in an ornate, dreamlike environment. Find out more about Ornamental here.

(Photos: Mucciaccia Gallery, National Museum, OH! Open House, Esplanade, Yeo Workshop/Lizzie Wee)

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