Things to do, watch, listen this week: 25 to 31 Jan

Things to do, watch, listen this week: 25 to 31 Jan

If you are looking to spend time with family and friends this week, consider bonding over arts and culture events. Visit an unusual drive-through exhibition that features captivating art installations, catch a theatre performance that explores climate change, or check out art shows happening as part of Singapore Art Week. Read on for our top picks of arts and culture activities to enjoy this week.


Moo Moo PARK

Blossom by André Wee drive through exhibition moo moo park singapore chinese cultural centre arts and culture

Don’t miss Asia’s first drive-through exhibition, which can be experienced by electric car or on foot. The exhibition, held at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre car park until 28 Mar, is organised by the centre, in collaboration with local creative technology studio The MeshMinds Foundation. The exhibition features works such as 3D installation art and augmented reality murals by local artists such as André Wee, Mithra Jeevananthan and Danielle Tay. Learn more about Moo Moo PARK here.


A Line Could Be Crossed And You Would Slowly Cease To Be 

a line could be crossed m1 fringe arts and culture

Catch this intimate theatre performance that examines the looming issue of climate change. Directed by Singaporean theatre-maker Koh Wan Ching and written by playwright Andrew Sutherland, the 100-minute play stars Irfan Kasban, Jeramy Lim and Shahid Nasheer. The play is part of the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival, and it is available for viewing online until 29 Jan. Learn more about A Line Could Be Crossed And You Would Slowly Cease To Be here.

Visual Arts

S.E.A. Focus 2021

SEA focus singapore art week arts and culture

Discover contemporary art and artists in Southeast Asia through this visual arts platform. The event comprises a curated showcase of works from leading Singapore and international art galleries at Tanjong Pagar Distripark, as well as online art talks and virtual tours of art spaces and exhibitions in Singapore. An initiative by the creative workshop and gallery STPI, the event runs until 31 Jan. It is part of the Singapore Art Week, a joint initiative by the National Arts Council, the Singapore Tourism Board and the Singapore Economic Development Board. Learn more about S.E.A. Focus here.


Trilby, Itinerary Of A New Woman 

Trilby Itinerary Of A New Woman arts and culture

Enjoy an evening of poetry, music and visual arts at the Aliwal Arts Centre. This theatrical adaption of George du Maurier’s bestseller Trilby (1894) features songs by composers Bizet Schumann and Rimski-Kosakov. It is presented by the vocal music society Cantio and it stars actors Tatiana Konovalova, Chng Mun Wye and Jonathan Charles Tay. The show runs from 29 to 31 Jan. Get your tickets to Trilby, Itinerary of a New Woman here.

Visual Arts

In Order

in order fiona seow exhibition arts and culture

If you are one for routine and repetition, be sure to catch Singapore artist Fiona Seow’s exhibition at the Esplanade. Her solo show, inspired by the regularity of geometry, shapes and numbers, features drawings, sculptures and installations that explore the notion of time, existence, labour and impermanence. The show runs until 4 Apr.  Learn more about In Order here.

(Photos: Moo Moo PARK, Singapore Fringe, STPI, Aliwal Arts Centre, Fiona Seow)

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