Things to do, watch, listen this week: 24 to 30 Jan

Things to do, watch, listen this week: 24 to 30 Jan

As 2022 gets into its stride, The A List has picked out a play exposing the cultural rifts between backward-looking English colonialists during the sunset of the British Empire and forward-looking Asians intent on change. We shift gears to Fyerool Darma’s new solo exhibition at Gillman Barracks and flag a brassy take on classical music at Victoria Concert Hall. To leaven the mix, there is a fun craft workshop on resin art and the latest playlist from Hear65 – a one-stop destination for Singapore music.


Miss Julie

WTSWL_Miss Julie arts and culture

Chinese New Year celebrations are in full swing across post-war Singapore and Julie, daughter of a British tycoon, crashes the servants’ party downstairs. What starts as a bit of fun descends into a fight for survival, as sex, power, money and race collide. Amy Ng’s adaptation of August Strindberg’s drama, directed by Ng Choon Ping for Singapore Repertory Theatre and Hong Kong Arts Festival, takes us back to a tumultuous era when the dog days of the British Empire played out against a rising tide of nationalism sweeping Asia. Amy Ng is a British-Hong Kong playwright whose CV includes Under The Umbrella, which went on tour in the UK, Acceptance, Shangri-La, Tiger Girls for BBC Radio 4, and Kilburn Passion, for BBC Radio 3. Buy tickets for Miss Julie here. Advisory 16 (some mature content).



Hear65 is a national movement that celebrates and promotes all forms of Singaporean music. If you want to listen to the latest choons coming out of the Little Red Dot or delve into a fast-growing archive of local rock, pop, R&B, rap, jazz or classical music, this is the station for you. This week The A List recommends Hear65’s first ever Singaporean music playlist collaboration with an overseas YouTube channel. Titled Indieverse and in partnership with MUN HWA IN, a Korean independent record label, the playlist brings you a collection of Singaporean chill-out sounds.

Visual Arts


WTSWL_Landscapes arts and culture

Yeo Workshop at Gillman Barracks is presenting Fyerool Darma’s third solo exhibition until 27 Feb. Born and bred in Singapore, Fyerool has been one of the most sought-after artists in Southeast Asia since his breakout solo show at the Flaneur Gallery in 2015 and success at the 2016 Singapore Biennale. His multidisciplinary work often explores neglected stories from history, tapping into archives and incorporating found images and texts into his pictures. Get more details about Landscapes here.


Amazing Brass

WTSWL_Amazing Brass arts and culture

Light to Night has evolved into a major attraction of Singapore Art Week and it continues to attract crowds as January draws to a close. This Light to Night concert at Victoria Concert Hall on 29 Jan stars the ‘trombone choir’ and ‘horn quartet’ of Singapore National Youth Orchestra, who perform pieces by Brahms (How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place), Franz Strauss (Adagio), Hayden (Achieved is the Glorious Work) and less-known works by Bernhard Anselm Weber and Madeline Lee. Book tickets for Amazing Brass here.

Visual Arts

Resin Art Platter Workshop

WTSWL_Resin Art arts and culture

Learn the basics of resin art and produce your very own platter of swirling loveliness at this workshop for adults and children over seven years of age. It is all about judicious blending of pigments and exerting a measure of control over what is essentially a random process. Participants get hands-on guidance from expert practitioners, so no experience is required. The workshop is hosted by Room To Imagine at its space in Jalan Besar. Reserve places for Resin Arts Platter Workshop here.

(Photos: Singapore Repertory Theatre/Hong Kong Arts Festival, Hear65/Joie Tan, Yeo Workshop/Fyerool Darma, Singapore Youth Symphony Orchestra, Room to Imagine)

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