Things to do, watch, listen this week: 20 to 26 Sep

Things to do, watch, listen this week: 20 to 26 Sep

The A List recommends a full spectrum of arts and cultural entertainment for the week ahead. Orchestral Manoeuvres at the ArtScience Museum combines high-brow conceptual art with a sense of humour. My Community Festival sheds light on the working life of some of Singapore’s most accomplished craftspeople and has something for everyone. A humorous, hopeful take on ageing is at the heart of hit musical Forever Young, back for a second run at the Drama Centre Theatre. The collective memory of the older generation also informs the National Arts Council’s Silver Arts festival, which this week serves up a series of short plays in Tamil and a trip down memory lane to the golden age of Malay movies in Singapore.


Orchestral Manoeuvres: See Sound. Feel Sound. Be Sound.

Week 39 WTSWL_Orchestral Manoeuvres arts and culture

If you haven’t already taken in the ArtScience Museum’s sonic art show, which opened on 28 Aug, The A List highly recommends a couple of hours in the company of the 32 composers and artists – including Singapore’s Song-Min Ang and iconic names like Phil Collins and Yoko Ono – who contributed to it. You will experience sounds you have never heard before, played by instruments you have never imagined before.

Among the highlights are an enormous curving structure that visibly vibrates with increasing frequency; a self-playing pianola celebrating the moment British athlete Roger Bannister broke the four-minute-mile barrier nearly 70 years ago; and Forty Part Motet, a surround-sound choral music experience of surpassing beauty, on show for the first time in Southeast Asia. Get your tickets for Orchestral Manoeuvres: See Sound. Feel Sound. Be Sound.


My Community Festival – Meet My Craftsman

Week 39_My Community Festival arts and culture

Discover the secrets of traditional arts and crafts in Singapore in this series of workshops with dragon kiln potter Stella Tan, garland maker R Jayaselvam (pictured), knife sharpener Madam Lee, and famed rangoli artist Vijaya Mohan. As they demonstrate their skills, they’ll also talk about the place of their craft in Singapore’s cultural landscape. Book for the last remaining Meet My Craftsman workshops here.


Forever Young

Week 39 WTSWL-_Forever Young arts and culture

The light-hearted jukebox musical is back for another run at the Drama Centre Theatre. Karen Tan, Julian Wong and director Hossan Leong all reprise their roles in this new production of Benjamin Lee’s Singaporean adaptation of the Erik Gedeon cult hit. Radio personalities Denise Tan, Mark Waite and Kimberly Chan join the fun, while one of Singapore’s favourite comedians, Gurmit Singh, returns to the stage after a 16-year hiatus.

A group of retired actors living in a nursing home 50 years in the future relive their glory days whenever their stern caregiver is absent, belting out musical theatre numbers and pop hits by Jay-Z, Amy Winehouse, Bruno Mars and Aqua. Real-life issues of dementia and other conditions associated with ageing are aired even as the songs and laughs keep coming. Get your tickets for Forever Young (rated Advisory 16) here.


Silver Arts – Gambar Kegemaran

Week 39 WTSWL_Silver Arts_Gambar Kegemaran arts and culture

Your family’s Pioneer Generation can relive the glory days of Malay movies at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre on 25 Sep in this concert supported by the National Arts Council. Syawal Kassim and his band accompany Rahimah Rahim, Iskandar Ismail and Teeqa RZ as they sing well-loved musical movie numbers from yesteryear. Multimedia designs from Mervin Wong add to the experience. Book your seats for Gambar Kegemaran here.


Silver Arts – Pathey Nimidam

Week 39_Silver Arts_Pathey Nimidan arts and culture

If you are a Tamil speaker, this Tamil play festival is a must-see. Presented by Ravindran Drama Group, this free online event features numerous Tamil and non-Tamil playwrights, directors and actors who together have created a series of 10-minute plays. They will be streamed on 23 to 25 Sep alongside a post-show dialogue delving into the theme of tenacity. Register for Pathey Nimidam here.

(Photos: Paul Fisher, My Community Festival, Sing’Theatre, Silver Arts, Ravindran Drama Group)

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