Things to do, watch, listen this week: 20 to 26 Dec

Things to do, watch, listen this week: 20 to 26 Dec

It’s Christmas week and we have our sights set on family-oriented seasonal activities. There’s a film and workshop giving children an insight into the lives of migrant workers by following the adventures of a little mouse seeking a better life. Another tiny character kids will latch on to is an intrepid mousedeer who learns how to fend for himself in the forest. Four of Singapore’s leading young harpists bring festive cheer with a special lunchtime concert at Esplanade, while Gardens by the Bay hosts free Christmas sound and light shows.

Heritage Arts

Fistful of Colours: Moments of Chinese Cosmopolitanism

This free exhibition at the NUS Museum brings together artwork from the late Qing Dynasty (around 210 BC) to the present day. It sheds light on the concept of Chinese cosmopolitanism as proposed by contemporary scholar Pheng Cheah, who argued that a healthy nationalism grounded in shared identity, culture, and a sense of belonging can give rise to a more international outlook that transcends borders and works as an antidote to the power of the sovereign state. Find out more about Fistful of Colours: Moments of Chinese Cosmopolitanism here.


Behind The Wall

Adapted by award-winning playwright Jean Tay and directed by Samantha Scott-Blackhall, this 30-minute film is made for families and children aged 7 to 12 years and is augmented by a 20-minute activity video and digital activity booklet. The protagonist is Tommy, a little mouse who seeks a better life in the perfect city of Pura Pura, which lies beyond a mysterious wall. There, Tommy meets Al the Elephant and other migrant workers from faraway lands. Although they look and sound different, Tommy learns they are all like him on the inside. The film runs online until 31 Dec and tickets are just $20, with half going to charity. Find out more about Behind The Wall here.


A Harpy Jolly Christmas

Enjoy some soothing ensemble music as a quartet of talented young Singaporean harpists serves up a menu of timeless festive tunes. This lunchtime concert at Esplanade on 23 Dec sounds like the perfect excuse to pause the last-minute shopping dash and recharge the batteries to the sweet sound of the harp. Get tickets for A Harpy Jolly Christmas here.


Garden Rhapsody – The Christmas Special 

Garden Rhapsody returns with two daily Christmas-themed light and sound shows at the Gardens by the Bay Supertrees, running until 2 Jan 2022. The spectacle begins daily at 7.45pm and 8.45pm and features Christmas favourites sung by local artists. Admission is free. Find out more about Garden Rhapsody at Gardens by the Bay here.


Tales of Sang Kancil

This programme creates memorable experiences for young audiences, with the aim of keeping Malay and Indian traditions alive. A compilation of folktales for children based on the adventures of a feisty little mousedeer named Sang Kancil is brought to life with Indian dance (bharatanatyam) and Malay dance (e.g. inang and zapin) depicting characters in the forest encountered by Sang Kancil. The entertainment and related workshops are designed to appeal to children aged 4 to 8 years. Find out more about Tales of Sang Kancil here.

(Photos: NUS Museum, Gateway Arts, Gardens by the Bay, Era Dance Theatre/Maya Dance Theatre, The Harp Quarterly (Singapore))

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