Things to do, watch, listen this week: 15 to 21 Feb

Things to do, watch, listen this week: 15 to 21 Feb

Recharge this week with exciting arts and culture events. Catch a thought-provoking theatre production at the Esplanade, visit an art exhibition with eye-catching works, or catch the first-ever digital Chingay parade from the comfort of your home. Read on for our top picks of arts and culture activities this week.


Citizen X

Citizen X arts and culture

Immerse yourself in this ambitious theatre production which traces the movement of Chinese migrants to Southeast Asia over a century, and through personal stories. The play is written and performed by theatre-maker Liu Xiaoyi, and directed by award-winning playwright Oliver Chong. It is staged at the Esplanade Theatre Studio from 19 to 22 Feb as part of the Esplanade’s Huayi Chinese Festival of Arts. Get your tickets to Citizen X here.

Visual Arts

Into Air

Heman Chong Call for the Dead 2020 arts and culture

Explore the ephemerality of time through new works by Singapore artist Dawn Ng. She captures the passage of time with mesmerising paintings and photos that track the lifespan of frozen blocks of pigments, as they turn from solid to liquid and finally, into air. The works, made over three years, are presented by art gallery Sullivan+Strumpf and the exhibition is on until 21 Feb. Learn more about Into Air by Dawn Ng here.


Chingay: Light Of Hope

Chingay 2021 arts and culture

The popular annual Chingay parade will take the form of a digital event this year, with cultural performances livestreamed on TV and over the Internet on 20 Feb, 8pm. There are also online activities that the public can participate in before 28 Feb, including Sing With Me!,and We’ve Got Talent!, which are both open calls for the public to submit videos showcasing their hidden talents. Take part in Chingay: Light Of Hope here.


Vel Vel: A Sonic Walk

Thaipusam TAHWhatsOn arts and culture

Discover the significance of Thaipusam rituals through this virtual experience about the Hindu festival. It highlights the festival’s history and the route that the religious procession takes through historic neighbourhoods such as Little India and Fort Canning. The work is presented by The Arts House and it features writers from the young theatre collective Brown Voices. Learn more about Vel Vel: A Sonic Walk here.

Visual Arts

Heman Chong: Peace, Prosperity And Friendship With All Nations

Feast your eyes on works by contemporary artist Heman Chong, which chronicle the complex political and cultural landscape of our times. Not to be missed is the new monumental work, Call for the Dead (2020), which has the spy novel of the same title by author John le Carré printed to fill an entire room at the STPI Gallery. The exhibition is free and on from 20 Feb to 18 Apr. Learn more about Heman Chong: Peace, Prosperity And Friendship With All Nations here.

(Photos: Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Dawn Ng, Chingay Parade Singapore, The Arts House, STPI Creative Workshop and Gallery)

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