The .Wavs by Amanda Tan

The .Wavs by Amanda Tan

Singapore artist Amanda Tan explores the topic of anxiety in this short video piece, inspired by the writings of Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath, translated into moving image using the visual motif of water. The result is a visual expression of how it feels like to be debilitated by one’s own thoughts and anxiety. Having suffered from clinical OCD and anixety, this was the artist’s way of expressing a part of her and placing it into a 16:9 box in order to make space for something else and something more.

In the artist’s own words: “I want whoever who watches it to gain a glimpse of how it feels like for someone to feel imprisoned inside yourself. And that if you ever felt that way, you are not alone. It’s been two years since I made ‘The .Wavs’ and my current state of being has definitely shifted and evolved since it was made. Looking back at the piece, I am reminded of how easy it is, sometimes, to get stuck in a place where you feel like you cannot move or escape. And how quick we can slip back into that feeling. There is after all, a paradoxical comfort in anxiety. With the state of the world now, the feeling of helplessness is more prevalent than ever, so I thought it would be appropriate to revisit the piece, and add on a little bit of writing that has been swimming around in my head. So with all the world in a sort of darkness, hiding from one another in cornered spaces. Hiding from the virile sickness taken over our bodies and now our minds. We see nature’s revenge come upon us. And we drown, we drown in concrete, an ocean of it, an ocean with four corners. The doors of the world locked yet unhinged. My head was ever so often filled with clouds, but now the clouds have dripped out of my ears onto the sanitary ground and my head is empty and blank. That blankness, I tried to constantly fill with synthetic music, recorded humans and my own salty sweat. That vacuum, with the world sucked out and there is only you left, only you and your room, your chair, your glass of tepid water. There is no where to go, there is no one to go. There is no expectation. There is only you. And that I realised, was freedom, for there is no need.”

Brought to you by Amanda Tan. 

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