The graduation show goes online at Lasalle
Three graduates from Lasalle College of the Arts (from right) Ernest Foo, Rochelle Edelweiss Boon and Cravis Chang speak about their hopes, dreams and fears. (Photos: Ernest Foo, Rochelle Edelweiss Boon, Cravis Chang)

The graduation show goes online at Lasalle

Safe distancing measures in place have made it unlikely for this year’s graduates to throw their mortarboards into the air and celebrate. But this has not stopped Lasalle College of the Arts from marking the occasion with a digital showcase of the best works from this year’s graduating cohort.

Ahead of the show, which opens 2 June online, we had a chat with three graduates from Lasalle’s Class of 2020: Ernest Foo, 26, BA (Hons) Music, Rochelle Edelweiss Boon, 22, BA (Hons) Acting and Cravis Chang, 26, BA (Hons) Music. Read on for a peek into their hopes, dreams and fears for the future.

How do you feel about graduation?
Foo: Bittersweet. The past three years were extraordinary, and I’ve grown tremendously in my skills. It was great to be able to meet people that have brought me so much joy.

Boon: It’s both terrifying and exhilarating to know that from here on out, every project will be of my own volition and not because it is something that has been assigned as part of the school’s curriculum. I’m excited! I’ve been accumulating experience and knowledge in school and I now have the opportunity to make use of them.

Chang: It feels great but at the same time scary because this is when reality kicks in. I want to graduate, but I don’t.

What has studying the arts taught you?
Foo: Be humble, stay curious and be content with yourself.

Boon: That it’s okay to fail and surprisingly enough, it can be productive doing so.

Chang: How competitive the arts scene is – if you snooze, you lose. It’s most certainly a valuable lesson.

What are you looking forward to?
Foo: I hope to release my debut album by the end of this year. It’ll be my take on ambient electronic music. My band, Bakers In Space, will also be releasing our EP soon.

Boon: I’ve been working on my writing and I’ve been experimenting with spoken word because the art form appeals to me. I have been toying with the idea of using IGTV to do spoken word performances and it seems fitting given the current situation.

Chang: I want to be able to keep making music. That’s all that matters.

Responses have been edited for clarity. View The Lasalle Show 2020 from home here.

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