The Ghost In Your Head

The Ghost In Your Head

He shall never know I love him. This haunting line, uttered by the female protagonist of the novel, Wuthering Heights, is among the famous literary quotes that lie at the heart of the late-night The Ghost In Your Head.

The performance, part of the Singapore Writers Festival, offers an immersive and playful theatrical experience. It unfolds across six rooms at The Arts House, each a different dramatic set-up, including a mahjong parlour and a tea party.

Actors play well-known literary figures such as author Mary Shelley of Frankenstein. They speak lines from the author’s writings and the audience is invited to converse with them by doing the same – quoting back lines from the writings, which are displayed around the room for easy reference.

To add to the ambience of the interactive play, multidisciplinary artist Mervin Wong will be mixing background sounds with music and recitations of the literary quotes by the audience.

Co-director Jeremiah Choy says the production was inspired by the common experience of how lines from popular texts lodge themselves in one’s memory, and return “to haunt” a person through life. “We want to create that effect,” he says, but it is not to disquiet audiences.

Rather, the show wants to inspire the audience to appreciate classic literature. Specifically, Choy says, “how these books, though written in the past, are still very contemporary in the sense of their thinking and philosophy”, and how they can lend themselves to various social circumstances across time.

The show’s other co-director is Mr Jeffery Tan, and the quotes were selected together with Mr Phan Ming Yen, director of Global Cultural Alliance, which is producing the show.

If you are looking for a spirited and shared experience of literature, don’t miss this one.

The Ghost In Your Head is held on 8 November 2018 and it is part of the Singapore Writers Festival. Details here.

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