The art of belting: 3 tips to hit the right notes | The A List
Professional singing coach TJ Taylor will be teaching vocal belting techniques at the Esplanade. (Photo: TJ Taylor)

The art of belting: 3 tips to hit the right notes | The A List

Do karaoke sessions leave you nervous about hitting all the right notes and making a good impression? Good news: whatever your aptitude for singing, you can become better with the right techniques and practice.

One popular vocal technique is belting, or what is commonly referred to as the “money-note” – the  loud, rousing note that marks the end of many pop songs and musical theatre performances, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

Professional singing coach TJ Taylor, who is based in Singapore, says: “Belting is used to express heightened emotions and to take listeners on a more emotional journey. It is one of many different styles of sounds that singers have in their toolkit.”

Taylor, who specialises in vocal techniques for musical theatre, however, cautions that belting done the wrong way can tire out a person’s vocal chords over time, so it is important to have the right technique. He also recommends doing a 5- to 10-minute vocal warm-up before any serious singing.

He will be demonstrating the full warm-up routine and teaching belting techniques at a workshop organised by the Esplanade on Saturday.

Here are his three tips on hitting the right notes at karaoke:

Play around with sounds
Singers tend to become fixated on a sound they want to hear, and they focus on one way to make that sound. An easier way, however, is to play around with sounds – make nice, ugly, loud and quiet sounds; you will get you there.

Stay plugged in
To get better at singing, keep listening to music. Musicality is like language, it is developed through use and exposure. If you want to become a better singer, don’t be afraid to crank up the volume on that pop playlist you listen to during your morning commute. Over time, you should notice improvements to your musical ability.

Practice your technique
If you want to get more skilful at singing, there is no avoiding practice and taking vocal technique lessons. You will learn how to control and use your vocal muscles and how to use them to sing well.

Details about Let’s Get Loud! An Introduction to Belting here.

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