The art form that embraces “happy accidents”
Paint a masterpiece under the guidance of experienced artists at PAssionArts Festival’s newest community art programme, Let’s Paint Together! (Photo: People’s Association)

The art form that embraces “happy accidents”

If Bob Ross’ cooing, ASMR-tinged tutorials motivate you to pick up a paintbrush, you’re not alone. Dubbed America’s favourite art teacher, the late Ross inspired a painting revival with his no-holds-barred paint-alongs, which have racked up millions of views on YouTube.

Here, painting is a growing trend, evidenced by the number of guided and non-guided painting studios that have sprung up across the island. But if you’re looking for an art jamming session with a twist, Let’s Paint Together! is an outdoor experience where you can try your hand at acrylic painting under the guidance of professional artists.

Not sure if this programme is for you? Read on for our top four reasons why you should give it a go.

1. Escape the stress of daily life
Painting is widely employed as a form of art therapy, and for good reason. Like meditation, painting induces a state of flow by narrowing focus and promoting mindfulness. It’s a great stress reliever and can be incredibly cathartic as a tool for expressing ideas and emotions. Each Let’s Paint Together! session is 3 hours long, giving you ample time to decompress and clear your head. For young families, it offers the perfect combination of downtime and bonding with the kids.

2. The medium is forgiving
In the words of Bob Ross, there are no mistakes in painting, just “happy accidents”. This is most true for acrylic painting, known for being a more forgiving medium for beginners. Ms Loh Supei, Programme Manager, Community Arts & Culture Division at People’s Association, says: “Acrylic canvas painting is one of the easiest forms of painting to learn and pick up. It also dries quickly, so layering of colours can be done easily.” With a 30 by 40-inch canvas, there’s plenty of room for any happy accidents.

3. Build confidence and creative expression
Each Let’s Paint Together! session teaches participants painting techniques, such as brush strokes and colour mixing – techniques that, once mastered, are versatile and transferable to other forms of painting. This is especially beneficial for children, promoting confidence, patience and even teamwork, as they learn to plan segments of the artwork for painting, says Ms Loh.

4. Find renewed inspiration
Facing a creative block? Picking up a paintbrush might just help to get those ideas flowing, especially if painting isn’t part of your day-to-day routine. Doing something completely unrelated to your discipline can keep the creativity fresh – for children, this is a great way to stimulate lateral thinking skills. Each session is limited to 45 families, so don’t miss out!

The first season of Let’s Paint Together! will be held on weekends from July to September.

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