The A List’s top 10 articles in 2021
The A List’s very own Vondra Tay went to Straits Clan to try her hand at Peranakan beading with expert, Angeline Kong, and you loved her article. (Photo: The A List)

The A List’s top 10 articles in 2021

As we enter a new year, let’s rewind to our most-read articles from 2021. Here are our top 10.

  1. Passing on the art of Peranakan beaded slippers
    The A List dropped into Straits Clan to try Peranakan beading with expert, Angeline Kong. Beading is not exactly a mainstream activity, our readers loved the piece.

    Week 53_Top 10 comic arts and culture
  2. Marrying food and art in a comic book
    One of Singapore’s favourite traditional sweet snacks, putu piring, is also the name of a comic book about a man’s discovery of the reassuring connection between food and memories. (Photo: Shuxian Lee)

    Week 53_Top 10 March holidays arts and culture
  3. 5 arts and culture events to enjoy this March holidays
    Articles suggesting creative ways to keep the young ones busy in the school holidays are always popular. One of the best ideas was a home camping experience guided by performers from homegrown theatre company, The Theatre Practice. (Photo: The Theatre Practice)

    Week 53 _Top 10 drypoint arts and culture
  4. 5 reasons to try drypoint printing
    The A List went along to STPI Creative Workshop & Gallery to try drypoint printing: a printmaking technique based around marks created on the surface of a copper plate with a hard-pointed needle. (Photo: The A List)

    Week 53_Top 10 zodiac arts and culture
  5. This musical on the Chinese zodiac will have you in stitches
    In February, The A List highlighted The Amazing Celestial Race, a Chinese New Year pantomime based on the Chinese zodiac and the animals associated with it. Featuring original songs and puppetry, this light-hearted hit was staged by Wild Rice theatre company. (Photo: Wild Rice)

    Week 53_Top 10 Gen Z arts and culture
  6. Singapore through the eyes of Gen Z
    A photo exhibition featuring works by aspiring Gen Z photographers (aged 15-23) piqued the interest of our readers. The Shooting Home Youth Awards Class of 2020 Exhibition was organised by the Objectifs centre for photography and film, who assigned established professionals to mentor the talented young snappers. (Photo: Dan N. Tran)

    Week 53_Top 10 back in time arts and culture
  7. Step back in time to the music
    In September we gave you a heads-up on Oldies but Goodies, a live concert put on as part of the National Arts Council’s Silver Arts 2021 programme. The sell-out show starred the Stephen Francis Band, Henry Heng, Yati, and Irene Yap, who took the audience down musical memory lane. (Photo: The A List)

    Week 53_Top 10 AYN arts and culture
  8. 5 must-sees at Arts in Your Neighbourhood: Pasir Ris
    Our March 2021 piece on Arts in Your Neighbourhood, the biannual National Arts Council initiative to take art to the heartlands, garnered plenty of interest. (Photo: National Arts Council)

    Week 53_Top 10 National Gallery arts and culture
  9. 4 new must-sees at National Gallery Singapore
    The installation of four works at National Gallery Singapore by renowned British sculptor Anthony Gormley caused quite a stir. One of the pieces (pictured) was a life-sized cast of Gormley’s own body (but weighing nearly eight times as much as the average human) faceplanted into the floor. (Photo: The A List)

    Week 53_Top 10 mantal health arts and culture
  10. How art helped a student overcome mental health issues

    The power of art as an innovative therapy for people suffering from mental health issues was a recurring theme in 2021. This particular story, about medical student Gillian Peck, got plenty of clicks. (Photo: Gillian Peck)

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