Technology meets tradition at Stamford Arts Centre

Technology meets tradition at Stamford Arts Centre

If anyone is expecting the same old at Stamford Arts Centre when it holds its opening celebrations this weekend, they are in for a surprise; there are much more visitors can look forward to at the redeveloped arts centre, in addition to dance and music performances and an art market. Not to be missed are three immersive, interactive digital experiences that allow the public to engage with the building – its past and present, in fresh ways.

For those who can’t make it to the centre this weekend, good news: two of the digital experiences will continue to be available to the public after the opening celebrations. Read on to find out what is in store.

An augmented reality walking trail introduces visitors to the Stamford Arts Centre.

Augmented reality walking trail
Feeling adventurous? Travel through time and space by going on an augmented reality walking trail of the centre. Loan the centre’s device for the augmented reality experience, make your way through eight stations in the building, and watch the history of the centre come alive, as well as learn more about the artists who are the lifeblood of the space. The augmented reality experience will also allow you to try your hand at mimicking classical Indian dance gestures and playing musical instruments. This trail will continue to be available after the centre’s opening celebrations.

Virtual reality stage tour
Want to indulge your senses? Journey into the mesmerising universe of Chinese opera and go beyond its intricate costumes and colourful sets with the centre’s virtual reality Chinese opera stage tour. No ordinary saunter backstage, this tour offers an up close and personal encounter with the makeup, costumes, props, headdresses and musical instruments that together, create Chinese opera magic on stage. The tour also allows one to stand in the spotlight and experience the stage in full 360-view. This virtual reality tour will continue to be available after the centre’s opening celebrations.

Art meets 3D technology
Itching for an art-meets-technology experience? Witness Wind·Mystique, a multi-disciplinary performance where Chinese dance artist Serene Tan moves to an original music composition played live by a quartet and uses the Tilt Brush to create 3D drawings in a virtual environment. Stay on after the performance to try your hand at creating 3D virtual drawings. This experience is only available during the opening celebrations.

Details about Stamford Arts Centre’s opening celebrations here.

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