Tasty moments of music
Masato Suzuki, a conductor, organist and composer who hails from Japan, will be performing in the show Organ, Omakase. (Photo: Singapore Symphony Orchestra)

Tasty moments of music

Sweet, salty, sour, bitter are flavours commonly associated with food and dining. These flavour profiles, however, make an important appearance at the Victoria Concert Hall for his show, Organ, Omakase.

Organist Masato Suzuki, who will be performing his solo organ recital, says: “Every piece has a lot of tasty moments like bitter dissonances, sour harmony, sweet solutions and chewy rhythms.”

The gustatory metaphor is extended to the music programme, which makes playful reference to omakase, a Japanese form of dining where the guest leaves it up to the chef to decide what he eats.

To conjure up a delectable aural feast, Suzuki, who was born in Japan and now based in the Netherlands, has selected a variety of organ pieces by Bach, Brahms, Liszt and Schumann for the concert. The programme will intersperse virtuosic toccatas with sublime fugues and melodious chorale preludes.

Besides serving up a feast of organ music, he is also looking forward to dining on local delights himself.

He says: “I like chicken rice very much, so this is certainly on the checklist for me.”

Details on Organ Omakase here.

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