Story slams: The art of telling personal stories on stage | The A List
Storytelling coach Anna Ong organises story slams in Singapore for people to make meaningful connections over shared experiences. (Photo: Pixolar Photography)

Story slams: The art of telling personal stories on stage | The A List

Remember the last time your friends gathered around to hear your juiciest stories? Now imagine instead that you are on stage and an entire crowd wants in on the tea; at stake – personal glory. That, in a nutshell is what a story slam is, a competition where you vie to be the best teller of a personal story – lived and true.

It might sound like a public-speaking exercise in disguise but storytelling coach Anna Ong of What’s Your Story Slam, which holds story slams in Singapore, says the difference lies in the subject – your personal stories.

“The rush that you get after sharing your stories and having the entire room hang on your every word, that feeling is nothing short of exhilarating,” says Ms Ong.

Stories are judged for their narrative arc, plot and ability to connect with the audience to evoke empathy. And the storyteller must do all this within five to six minutes – long enough to include personal details and short enough to keep the audience’s attention, not that the stories are likely to bore. They are curated around a theme and Ong personally trains the participants of What’s Your Story Slam to ensure that those on stage and in the audience have an enjoyable time.

Its upcoming story slam at The Projector will see participants share stories around the theme of risk – a topic rich enough to inspire stories ranging from financial risk to emotional gambles and personal wagers.

Never been to a story slam and don’t know if you should take a chance? The risk is likely low. Ms Ong says: “There is something about sharing your truth that resonates and connects with people.”

Details about What’s Your Story Grand Slam here.

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