Stories about living and growing up with Singapore through the decades

Stories about living and growing up with Singapore through the decades

The meaning and memories of home find themselves in the spotlight at the National Museum of Singapore. The exhibition, Home, Truly: Growing Up with Singapore, 1950s to the Present, explores collective moments and experiences from the 1950s to present day, which are unique to growing up and living in Singapore. 

Held in collaboration with The Straits Times, the exhibition showcases more than 200 archival photographs and 80 artefacts from the National Collection, some of which were contributions from the public. The photographs and artefacts capture everything from a slice of everyday life to defining national events and moments that shaped Singapore and her people over the years. The exhibition is on until 29 Aug. 

Don’t miss these five photographs in the exhibition.

A nurse administering oral fluids to a girl as other children wait their turn at the Cholera Immunisation Centre (1963)

Singapore had one of the highest rates of tuberculosis in the world in the 1960s, and diseases such as malaria, cholera, typhoid and leprosy were common. However, Singapore was able to largely eliminate these diseases through improvements made by the Government to public health, sanitation and access to vaccines.

People participating in a public clean-up initiative organised by the Housing and Development Board (1968)

The public clean-up initiative, Operation Broomstick, was launched in 1968 to get Singaporeans to play their part in keeping Singapore clean and pollution-free. Today, public campaigns such as the Clean and Green Singapore movement continue to encourage Singaporeans to care for and protect shared spaces and the environment.

The coffin of former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew leaving the Parliament House on a gun carriage (2015)

People gathered in Orchard Road to witness the moment when the coffin of Singapore’s founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, was moved from the Parliament House to the National University of Singapore’s University Cultural Centre. The funeral service for Mr Lee was held at the University Cultural Centre.  

National Day Parade flypast in 1990 (left) and 2015 (right)

These two photographs by hobbyist photographer Ong Hock, document the National Day Parade flypast in 1990, when Singapore celebrated her 25th year of independence, and in 2015, when she marked her Golden Jubilee. The two photographs speak volumes about how Singapore has transformed in 25 years and how far she has come.

Black reusable masks left hanging to dry (2020)

This photo was donated to the National Museum of Singapore by a member of the public, Fahmi Shariff. The museum and the National Library Board is holding a joint collection drive for objects and photos that document people’s experiences in Singapore during the pandemic. The everyday scene, awash in pastel hues, captures a quiet moment in this trying time, and it shows how Singaporeans have adapted to life in the new normal. 

Learn more about Home, Truly here.

(Photos: Singapore Press Holdings, National Museum of Singapore, Cheng Yi, Ong Hock, Fahmi Shariff)

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