Starting them young on Chinese orchestra | A List
The Singapore Chinese Orchestra’s upcoming Young People’s Concert: Once Upon A Chinese Orchestra promises a fun and interactive experience. (Photo: Singapore Chinese Orchestra)

Starting them young on Chinese orchestra | A List

The experience is akin to a visit to the movies, but possibly better. This is what the Singapore Chinese Orchestra’s assistant conductor Moses Gay says of its upcoming Young People’s Concert: Once Upon A Chinese Orchestra.

The show, presented in English and targeted at children aged nine and above, aims to help young ones – and their chaperones – experience the Chinese music tradition in fun, fresh and exciting ways. The performance will incorporate theatrical, cinematic and interactive elements in the concert.

Mr Gay says: “This is not a formal concert, but neither is it a casual one. Our audience will enter the concert hall as though they are entering the concert hall to watch a movie. We want to create an approachable environment for our young audience.”

But it is more than form over substance. Mr Gay says audiences can expect to come away from the concert with a new view and deeper appreciation of the Chinese orchestra. Read on for his take on three common misperceptions people have of the Chinese orchestra.

It is old-fashioned

Chinese orchestras in Singapore play different types of music, not only traditional songs. Some specialise in opera, some focus on pop music and some pursue modern music.

It is for the elderly

The Singapore Chinese Orchestra has a lot of young musicians in the orchestra, including myself. And if you look at the orchestra’s programme booklet for the season, you will find that there is something for audiences of all ages and music interests.

The Chinese orchestra is noisy

The orchestra’s structure has transformed over the years and the acoustic experience of a classic indoor concert of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra will most likely surprise you.

Details of the Young People’s Concert: Once Upon A Chinese Orchestra here and here.

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