Singer-songwriter Dick Lee opens up about his personal life in a concert
The concert The More Further Adventures of Dick Lee will star the namesake singer and feature songs from his private songbook. (Photo: Singapore Repertory Theatre)

Singer-songwriter Dick Lee opens up about his personal life in a concert

If you missed watching live performances in person last year and are looking forward to catching some shows soon, don’t miss The More Further Adventures of Dick Lee by Singapore’s popular singer-songwriter. Lee’s 90-minute one-man show, held at KC Arts Centre from 19 to 24 Jan, will feature untold personal stories about the challenges he faced in his musical journey, and unreleased songs from his songbooks.

The well-known musician, an associate artistic director at the Singapore Repertory Theatre, has staged seven solo concerts in the last 10 years. The upcoming show, intended as a fundraiser, will feature new material and pick up from where his last concert ended in 2019.

Lee says: “My earlier solo shows charted my musical journey from my first album (Life Story, 1974) to the one that changed my life (The Mad Chinaman, 1989) and led to my career in Asia. This year’s show continues that story and describes my experiences in Japan and Hong Kong.”

For him, being a full-time musician working in Asia in the 1990s was a dream come true. He had moved to Japan in 1990 for work because it had the most sophisticated entertainment industry in Asia then. His talent helped him break into the Japan music scene and he soon enjoyed success in other Asian markets, including Hong Kong. 

He says: “Hong Kong  was the epicentre of the Chinese entertainment scene at the time and both Japan and Hong Kong were markets I never imagined I would work in.”

His fame and popularity led to collaborations with top Hong Kong artists such as Andy Lau, Sandy Lam, Jackie Cheung, Sammi Cheng and Anita Mui.

In his upcoming concert, he will share the story of how he met the singer Lam, who introduced him to the Hong Kong music scene, and what the city was like at the height of the Cantopop wave. He will also talk about his failure – how his attempts to infuse his “Singaporeaness” into songs in his first two albums fell flat. 

This concert was originally unplanned. After his last concert in 2019, he had no intentions of holding another concert on stage for a while. But during Circuit Breaker last year, he wrote songs and did live performances online to get over his restlessness. The burst of creativity left him inspired, so when live shows were allowed again, he jumped at the chance to perform in front of an audience and to raise funds at the same time for the Singapore Repertory Theatre.

He says that after singing to a camera, there is nothing like singing to real people and hearing and feeling their responses. And this won’t be the last audiences see of him – he hopes to collaborate with young singer-songwriters on a concert later this year.

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