Singapore Heritage Festival 2020: Highlights you don’t want to miss
Watch how Kway Guan Huat, a Singaporean restaurant founded 81 years ago, makes their signature Popiah skin, as part of the Singapore Heritage Festival this year. (Photo: Kway Guan Huat Joo Chiat Popiah)

Singapore Heritage Festival 2020: Highlights you don’t want to miss

Wish you could party away this weekend at a festival? Then don’t miss the Singapore Heritage Festival.

The annual festival has gone online this year, allowing people to enjoy culture and heritage from home. You can watch masters of Singapore food culture demonstrate their craft live, go on guided virtual tours of neighbourhoods, or lose yourself in a heritage-inspired film.

The festival ends its run this weekend, so be sure to catch it soon. Here are our top picks:

If you are in the mood for popiah:
You can easily find factory-made popiah (spring roll) skin in supermarkets, but true-blue fans of the heritage dish will insist on making it with handmade flour wrappers. Watch how the delicate popiah skin is made via a livestreamed demonstration by a popiah master from Kway Guan Huat, one of the popiah pioneers in Singapore. Bonus: he will recommend the best way to wrap the perfect roll.

If you live near Kallang, or enjoy a good film:
Sit back and enjoy Kallang: The View From Fire City. This unique film production uses animation and collaborative game experiences to tell stories about the cultural and historical milestones of Kallang.

If you are looking for a family-friendly activity:
Gather the young and young-at-heart, and have them try their hand at quilling, a paper craft where strips of paper are rolled to form decorative designs. The National Museum of Singapore’s DIY video on the art of quilling will show you how to create designs inspired by Singapore culture, including food items such as ketupat (rice cake wrapped in woven leaves) and pineapple tarts.

If you seek encounters with the wild at night:
Go on an audio-visual tour of mangroves in Pasir Ris, led by members of the Herpetological Society of Singapore; you might never see reptiles and amphibians in the same light again. The Society conducted the tour at night, and the audio recording aims to help people appreciate Singapore’s wildlife and natural heritage.

Explore the full ​Singapore Heritage Festival 2020 programmes here

We can’t wait to share more awesome content with you. This is going to be so much fun.

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