Singapore Art Week 2022 takes over… digital

Singapore Art Week 2022 takes over… digital

From an online programme that looks at Singapore’s tropical rainforest through the lens of artists, to a three-day virtual symposium that engages the boundaries of art and life, expect to see a multitude of interesting online programmes this Singapore Art Week.

We’ve put together a guide to SAW key partner events, taken you on a tour of the surprising places you’ll find SAW this year and shared our pick of SAW events by district. Now The A List has selected a few highlights of the many SAW Digital events happening from 14 to 23 Jan, for those who want to enjoy Singapore’s biggest and best arts festival from the comfort of home.



Week 3 SAW Digital_Horizons singapore art week

Be a digital globetrotter by checking in for HORIZONS, SAW’s first-ever 24-hour programme, commissioned by the National Arts Council in partnership with so-far, AORA and Metis Art. Link up with experts in art, business, tech, creative ventures, wellness and other fields. Start a culinary exchange, accompany an artist on a walking tour of their city or tune into a meditation session. The world is your virtual oyster with this collection of meaningful and memorable physical-meets-digital moments spanning Guatemala, Istanbul, Dhaka, Seoul, London and beyond. The event takes place 22–23 Jan, 9am to 9am. Find out more about HORIZONS here. (Photo: AORA/Metis Art)


The Institutum: State of the Arts

Week 3 SAW Digital The Institutum singapore art week

Glimpse the working lives and philosophies of artists Amanda Heng, Genevieve Chua, Robert Zhao, Pio Abad and Angie Seah through a series of short studio visit video interviews. The questions are posed by some of the leading artists and curators in Singapore and Southeast Asia, so you get a real insight into how the five artists think and create. Watch on SAW Digital as well as on The Institutum’s website and YouTube channel. Get more details about State of the Arts here. (Photo: The Institutum)


In Suspension

Week 3 SAW Digital_In Suspension singapore art week

In Suspension is a three-day virtual symposium broadcast from H0thouse that looks at the way artists – and all of us to a greater or lesser extent – are suspended in a series of delays, restrictions and temporary stoppages interspersed with spurts of activity and energy. In Suspension takes place from 21–23 Jan, with each day focusing on conditions that affect artistic practice as an individual, as part of a family, and as part of a community. All three days will be streamed live on the H0thouse website and run from afternoon till night. Switching between keynote lectures, performances, dialogues and screenings, In Suspension is an international and multi-generational meeting of minds moderated by Bernice Lee, Dr Marc Gloede and Daisuke Takeya. The roster of panellists includes more than a dozen leading lights from Singapore and artists from Germany, Sweden, the Philippines, Australia and Canada. Find out more about In Suspension here. (Photo: H0thouse)

SAW Dialogues 2022

Week 3 SAW Digital_Dialogues singapore art week

The dawn of 2022 sees the world grappling with profound changes that have only been accelerated by the pandemic – propelling us into a technologically advanced, hyper-connected future that is full of exciting possibilities but at the same time fraught with perils and pitfalls. SAW Dialogues 2022 is a series of talks and panels developed by SAW in partnership with Art & Market with the overarching theme of ‘retrofuturism’. It looks at lessons from the artistic past we can use to make smarter plans for art and art practice in the future. The event is streamed live on SAW Digital and there are selected physical talks at Gillman Barracks, Block 47, for which you need to register for a free ticket. Find out more about SAW Dialogues here. (Photo: Singapore Art Week)

If Forests Talk 2022

Week 3 SAW Digital_IFT22 singapore art week

Curator Kent Chan and artists Weixin Chong, ila, Marjet Zwaans and Jonathan Castro Alejos get together for the second edition of If Forests Talk, available 12–30 Jan. “The artists in this edition of If Forests Talk were asked to look at the tropical forests of Singapore as a starting point for each of their works,” explains Kent Chan. “It would appear that I’ve recast them all as botanists and naturalists of yesteryear in a piece of curatorial theatre.” All the artists have an affinity to the rainforest (Marjet Zwaans, for example, lives in Amsterdam but has made work for a project about the rainforests of Surinam) and they use their experiences to inform discussions on colonialism, the early days of botany and natural history, and the modern greening of Singapore, all using digital modes of research and presentation. Find out more about If Forests Talk here. (Photo: IFT22)


Market Thoughts

Week 3 SAW Digital_Market Thoughts singapore art week

Join visual artist, writer and performer Sonia Louise Davis, and curator, arts manager and educator Anna Harsanyi for this online workshop that casts an artistic eye over people’s relationships to hawker centres and the various ways we eat together. It is the virtual component of the Hawker! Hawker! project that takes over Lau Pa Sat as part of SAW 2022. Workshop participants respond to cues for reflection and engage in discussions with each other around themes such as connections to place, personal and social rituals, and relationships to food. By the end of the workshop, the group will have composed a collective text that encapsulates the lived experiences and personal dynamics of hawker centres. It all takes place via Zoom on 18 Jan. Register for Market Thoughts here.

Check out the full line-up for SAW Digital here.

We can’t wait to share more awesome content with you. This is going to be so much fun.

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