Silver Arts Exhibition proves age is no barrier
Participants work on their life hack books in one of the four Silver Arts Exhibition projects you can see at libraries around Singapore. (Photo: Silver Arts)

Silver Arts Exhibition proves age is no barrier

Art is for everybody, whatever age they may be. Turning those words into reality is the mission of Silver Arts and is perfectly expressed in the Silver Arts Exhibition 2021, which continues at Jurong, Ang Mo Kio and Woodlands regional libraries until the end of next month.

Through Silver Arts, the National Arts Council commissions local artists to organise Community Arts Projects (CAPs) that encourage seniors to express themselves as they co-develop artistic content. The best ideas are further developed by talented seniors and their partner artists, for presentation at the Silver Arts Exhibition.

This year’s star turns are A Library of Splendid Hacks by Michael Lee and Loh Xiang Yun; Stories Beyond Us by Joanne Lio and Cheryl Teo; Spaces Between the Clouds by Mintio; and Stop, Look, A-Go-Go! by Lee Sze-Chin, Moses Sia and Tan Wenlin.

A Library of Splendid Hacks explores life hacks through book art. Participants were guided by bookmarking and printmaking activities, discussions on the meanings, purposes and contexts of hacks – as well as artist talks and consultations – to conceptualise and create their own books. To give you a flavour, here are some of the final book titles: Zoom Tips Made Easier by Betty Kuan, Singapore Wildflowers Field Kit by Evonne Tay, Trash Art by Tay Seow Yong, and Let’s Enjoy Art by Johnson Tang. “Because a life hack is one of those things that is created instinctively, a lot of people don’t consider their personal tricks and methods to be significant or creative,” says co-artist Michael Lee. “This projects aims to undo that self-dismissal.”

Stories Beyond Us was developed with seniors at NTUC Health Active Ageing Hub (Bukit Batok) to forge a bridge of communication through art for grandparents, their children and grandchildren. Shared stories are illustrated through mixed media. “We believe that intergenerational engagement can increase an elderly person’s self-esteem, help them discover a new identity and allow them to challenge their perceptions of growing old,” says Joanne Lio, who worked on the project with fellow artist Cheryl Teo.

Spaces Between The Clouds is an artistic meditation on ageing and the clouds of dementia that can gather as time passes. Lead artist Mintio hopes the exhibition will prompt people to ask themselves how they would like to grow old and what they would like to remember; as well as how necessary it is to create and recognise moments of beauty, no matter how delicate or fragmented, as dementia erodes memory.

The fourth project, Stop, Look, A-Go-Go!, is inspired by the rhythms of yesteryear. Intergenerational pairs worked together to make stop-motion dance videos using 360° cameras for some serious technology-inspired boogying. Join them on a journey to Stop (take pause), Look (reflect) and A-Go-Go! (celebrate life).

The shows are free to enjoy at public libraries in Ang Mo Kio, Woodlands and Jurong through October and November. Find out more about NAC Silver Arts Exhibition 2021 here.

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