SIFA v2.020 | Singapore International Festival of Arts

SIFA v2.020 | Singapore International Festival of Arts

Get your art-fix at SIFA v2.020, which features a plethora of virtual events including talks, workshops and performances. Read on for our top picks for the week:

Vodcast: Source x Audible Lands

final vodcast audiblelands

First arriving from Bangladesh in 1999, AV technician Malay Ghosh likens his love of music to food, needed to survive. The multi-instrumentalist has won multiple music competitions, and also teaches singing to local students. With his band Probasi Sur (meaning “Migrants’ Tune”), Malay performs Bengali pop and folk songs at migrant and cultural events.

After a long quarantine, in which he sang via livestream, the dorm resident has recently resumed work. As Malay says in this fifth and final SOURCE × Audible Lands vodcast, “music is inside me always”.

SIFA Playlist with Red Dot Baroque

Red Dot Baroque

Red Dot Baroque (RDB) curates our inaugural SIFA Playlist! Formed by a group of Singaporean musicians dedicated to bringing out the essence and spirit of the Baroque on period instruments in their performances, RDB’s playlist is an enriching starter journey into this exquisite period of Western classical music. Join three musicians from the ensemble as they perform a short introduction to the playlist.
Intro video setlist:
Excerpts from the following pieces will be played
Sonata Prima (1629) Dario Castello
Annunciation Sonata (1676) H.I.F. Biber
Concert Royaux No. 2 (1722) Francois Couperin
“Le Tombeau” Sonata, 2nd mvt (1743) J.M. Leclair
Alan Choo, baroque violin
Leslie Tan, baroque cello
Christopher Johann Clarke, theorbo
SIFA Playlist with …. is a series of curated playlist prepared by SIFA artists responding to specific themes or various inspirations. Indulge in these myriad sounds, and discover new composers and works.

Digital Traces: The Year of No Return The Necessary Stage

digital traces year of no return

Digital Traces presents various characters inhabiting the universe of The Year of No Return. Through film, sound, movement and text presented over four vodcast episodes and one Zoom reading of a key strand in the narrative, Digital Traces invites the audience to experience various facets of the play, and poses the question: How far are you willing to go to save the planet?

The vodcast airs on the 15th of every month until November. The first vodcast is available here.

Singular Screens Curated by Asian Film Archive

sifa listing singular screens

Curated by the Asian Film Archive (AFA) for the Singapore International Festival of Arts 2020 (SIFA), Singular Screens celebrates diverse, independent and singular visions from around the world. Discover a bold palette of cinematic adventures, featuring the ingenious and risk-taking in film. Theatrical screenings will be held at Oldham Theatre and selected films will also be available for Video on Demand (VOD).

Panel: The Future of Festivals

sifa listings panel future of festivals

SIFA brings together three festival makers to share their thoughts, challenges and motivations in planning for a festival during a pandemic. How have their decisions been affected? What new processes have they implemented? Join our panellists on 19 Aug as they dialogue on the post-pandemic future of an arts festival and its role in pursuing cultural mobility, artistic experimentation and international collaboration.

SIFA Playlist with Nico Muhly

sifa playlist with nico muhly

SIFA 2018 artist Nico Muhly has stitched together a hypnotic- ear-worm loaded listening journey based on works that explore travel and observation, both of which are sorely missing in our lives today.
With pieces from Steve Reich to Benjamin Britten, Sam Armidon to Teitur, it is a smorgasbord of rhythms, textures and gorgeous sounds.
Available from Wednesday, 26 August.

Tang Xianzu: Rebirthing Of A 400 Years Old Dream ,Toy Factory Productions TOY肥料厂

SIFA Tan XianZu Rebirthing of a 400 years old dream

In Nanjing, China during the Ming Dynasty, Tang Xianzu, a government official, found himself surrounded by incompetent and corrupt officials. In his pursuit for an upright administration, he was disgraced and stripped away from all his official duties. Discouraged and disillusioned, he returned back to his hometown of Linchuan, China to a life of quiet seclusion.
 As the window of political aspiration closed in his life, another opened, which marked the beginning of his journey as China’s greatest playwright. With his experiences and frustrations as a civil servant in the fight for an ethical governing system, he wrote and produced one of his momentous works, A Dream Under The Southern Bough.
Tang Xianzu: Rebirthing Of A 400 Years Old Dream is a short animation video that traces the life of China’s greatest dramatist, Tang Xianzu, his greatest known work, A Dream Under the Southern Bough, and how eventually through his writing, inspired the desire for reform among the people who humiliated him.
Available from Thursday, 24 September.

Panel: The Future of Collective Experience,  Lim Su Pei & Kirti Bhaskar Upadhyaya, Mouna Andraos & Melissa Mongiat, Moderated by Nadya Wang

the future collective experience

The pandemic aftershocks point not only towards an economic recession but also a social one. As public events and gatherings remain restricted, this has fuelled a hunger to restore and rebuild a lost sense of community, both online and in real life. In this era of social distancing, how (well) can the arts adapt to preserve shared spaces for engagement, whilst playing by the rules?
Moderated by Nadya Wang from online publication Art & Market, and featuring speakers from OH! Open House and Montreal-based Daily tous les jour, this panel discusses how art, design and culture can come together to create meaningful public participation and new social experiences in both the short and long term.
Available from Wednesday, 7 October.

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