Say it with art on Mother’s Day
(Photo: Longue Vue Design)

Say it with art on Mother’s Day

If you want to show your appreciation for your mother in a personal, heartfelt way this Mother’s Day, skip the flowers, meals and presents, and opt instead for hands-on events that will allow you to bond in meaningful ways. Here are our art-inspired picks for a memorable Mother’s Day.

Take a pottery class

Photo: Center Pottery

Remember that time you played rough as a child and broke your mother’s favourite ceramic showpiece by accident? You can now gift a replacement to your mother, or let her make the one of her dreams at a pottery class. Most pottery studios have beginner-friendly workshops, so regardless of aptitude, you can be sure you and your mother will have an enjoyable time.

Make and gift jewellery

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Photo: Longue Vue Design

Surprise your mother with your creative flair at a jewellery-making workshop, and if you both fancy, create matching pieces for each other. This Mother’s Day gift goes further when you sign up with the jewellery design studio Longue Vue Design. A part of its workshop fees is donated to HCSA Community Services, which runs programmes supporting at-risk teenage girls in Singapore.

Jam with art

Photo: Artify Studio

Help your mother unleash her inner artist at a fuss-free and relaxing art jamming session. If you are hard-pressed for a subject to paint, try a portrait of your mother. It might seem mushy, but trust us, she will be secretly pleased.

Hand pick blooms

Photo: Dawn Q Floral Design

If your Mother’s Day celebration is not complete without a bouquet of gorgeous blooms, put a fresh spin on it and hone your aesthetic eye by making the bouquet with your mother. At this floral arrangement workshop, she will get to pick out her favourite flowers and have it arranged just the way she likes it.

Play with scents

Photo: Jetaime Perfumery and Perfume Workshop Singapore

Instead of buying a bottle of perfume off the shelf for your mother, let her have fun creating a scent that is unique to her. Perfume-making workshops give you free reign to express yourself through scent, and the activity can be enjoyed together.

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