Satisfy your wanderlust with an immersive exhibition about the Orient Express
The Orient Express is an iconic long-distance luxury train. (Photo: Directions Group Inc.)

Satisfy your wanderlust with an immersive exhibition about the Orient Express

If you can’t snag flight tickets for a holiday overseas any time soon, satisfy your wanderlust with the pop-up exhibition Once Upon a Time on the Orient Express. Held at the West Lawn of Gardens by the Bay from 12 Dec to 13 June 2021, the exhibition traces the history and glamour of luxury rail travel offered by the famed Orient Express train service, which started its operations in 1883. Visitors can look forward to a display of precious artefacts and immersive showcases that evoke the old-world charm of rail travel through art, design and culture. 

Don’t miss the following highlights at the pop-up exhibition:

Original train carriages and engine 

The exhibition will feature two original Orient Express train carriages from the 1930s, which have been classified as national treasures of France. The well-preserved carriages, and a 158-year-old locomotive engine, were shipped from France for this exhibition. 

Precious artefacts

More than 300 rail travel artefacts, restored to their former glory, are on display in the exhibition. They range from conductor uniforms and a sleeping car to dainty porcelain used for tea served on the train and pieces of vintage luggage.

Influence of rail travel on popular culture

A showcase of documentaries, newsreels, film clips and literary works point to the rich and enduring influence that rail travel has on popular culture. One example is the popular detective novel Murder on the Orient Express (1934) by Agatha Christie. 

Thrilling escape room 

Speaking of mystery, the exhibition has an escape room where visitors must put on their thinking caps and channel their inner detective to solve a mystery and continue their journey through the exhibition. 

Novel dining experience 

The exhibition includes a replica restaurant car where visitors can enjoy meals inspired by the golden days of rail travel. There is also a cafe on site that offers blends of coffee inspired by stops on the Orient Express route, including Paris, Venice, Vienna and Istanbul. 

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