Reach for your goals

Reach for your goals

Actor-director Dwayne Lau knows that the path to one’s goals is often lined with hiccups; he has been there and survived it. His new play, therefore, aims to uplift and encourage others who are pursuing their dreams.

The 40-minute play, #Goals, incorporates comedy and pop songs. It is set in a gym and tackles everything from #fitgoals to #famgoals and #moneygoals. It features a series of vignettes, and characters such as a Zumba instructor and a middle-aged auntie. Lau will be accompanied by composer, arranger and music director Julian Wong.

The work is part of the Esplanade’s annual Flipside festival, which spotlights the lighter side of the arts through physical comedy, puppetry and circus arts.

Lau says he was inspired to pen the play around fitness goals because it is a topic that is close to his heart. “I was a fat kid. I was fat in secondary school, I was fat in junior college, I was fat in the army.”

His weight issues affected his self-confidence. He remembers how in junior college, his well-meaning physical education teacher pulled him aside to tell him that losing weight could help him be more confident. From that moment on, fitness became a goal of his.

Actor-director Dwayne Lau achieved his fitness goals after he started exercising with kettlebells.

But he had a rocky start trying to get fit. No matter how much he watched his diet, the pounds kept coming back.

Things finally changed after he picked up kettlebell exercises in 2017. Since then, he has been able to stay trim and maintain his fitness levels even if, by his admission, he hasn’t quite arrived at his goals yet.

However, he acknowledges that his struggle has not been in vain. It has allowed him to empathise with others, muster the confidence to write #Goals, and use his love for the arts to inspire others to keep “aspiring and perspiring” and not give up on their dreams.

Details about #Goals here.

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