No better time to (never) grow up in Serangoon | The A List
Don’t miss the face-off between Peter Pan (Pam Oei) and Captain Hook (Siti Khalijah Zainal) in Wild Rice’s new musical, Peter Pan in Serangoon Gardens. (Photo: Wild Rice)

No better time to (never) grow up in Serangoon | The A List

Remakes and stage adaptations of popular movies are common, given the enduring appeal of the original shows. But when these stories are set in a local context, they are more likely to tug at heartstrings and tickle funny bones.

Cue the same-same but very different new musical, Peter Pan in Serangoon Gardens. Staged by homegrown theatre company Wild Rice and helmed by director Ivan Heng, the show is inspired by the well-loved tale of the boy wonder who wouldn’t grow up, but with a distinctively local twist.

Wild Rice’s version centres on the fantastical adventures of Wendy and her siblings, who live in Serangoon Gardens. With the help of some fairy dust, they leave the pains and pressure of school and life in Singapore behind, and escape to the enchanted Neverland. There, they meet a motley crew of madcap characters, including Ting Tong Bell (yes, we didn’t misspell the name) and the fairy’s spritely friends.

Audiences can expect barrels of laughter and swashbuckling action as Captain Hook, played by Siti Khalijah Zainal, clashes with actor Pam Oei, in her role as the titular character. For a flavour of what to expect at the show, scroll on for Oei’s witty remarks to our nosey questions.

1. What makes your portrayal of Peter Pan unique?
I am a 47-year-old woman trying to fit into a boy’s body!

2. If you had the gift of never-ending childhood, what would you do?
Play make-believe all day long. Wait. It’s what I still do as an adult. I guess I’m still in my childhood!

3. Who do you think you relate more to, Peter Pan or Captain Hook?
Definitely Peter Pan. I have a lot of energy. And I have both my hands.

Details about Peter Pan in Serangoon Gardens here.

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