Live the urban dream at Aliwal Arts Centre for Singapore Art Week 2022

Live the urban dream at Aliwal Arts Centre for Singapore Art Week 2022

Fantasy and reality merge at Aliwal Arts Centre on the weekend of 21–23 Jan in AliWALL Festival 2022: The Dreamer. (Video: AliWALL Festival 2022)

Billed as a participative art experience, AliWALL Festival 2022: The Dreamer aims to break down barriers between artists and their audiences, kickstarting a discussion about what urban living is today – and what it could and should be tomorrow.

The Dreamer is organised by Arts House Limited (AHL) and curated and produced by MAMA MAGNET. “We are collaborating with a variety of artists and producers, invoking their creativity to visualise and offer new perspectives to urban audiences in Singapore as we make sense of worlds that are constantly changing,” explains guest curator, Tulika Ahuja.

Week 1_AliWALL the dreamer

Highlights include Reality in Construction, a participatory mural drawing from Spaz (Laurie Maravilla) and fellow member of urban collective RSCLS, TraseOne (Sufian Hamri). Together with visual artists and illustrators Has.J, Kristal Melson and Slacsatu, they will paint a narrative-driven mural inspired by urban living on the right side of the Aliwal Arts Centre building. Want to get involved? Festival-goers will be invited to contribute to a dedicated section of the wall. The complete work will be launched during the festival weekend in 2022. 

Week 1_AliWALL reality in construction

Permission to Dream takes over AAC’s Music Room, offering visitors an immersive, multi-sensory experience featuring an array of fantasy-filled digital art, performances, set designs and sounds courtesy of visual artist Howie Kim, set designer Akbar Syadiq, and acclaimed Japanese musician, Takashi Kokubo.

Visitors journey through an immersive experience, encountering four-dimensional visuals and improvisational movements by roving performers. For the four-dimensional element, the audience will be invited to try on different coloured lenses that reveal the many layers of Howie Kim’s surrealistic visions.

Week 1_AliWALL Howie Kim’s surrealistic visions

Meanwhile, the AAC courtyardwill be transformed by a larger-than-life inflatable sculpture designed by Howie Kim and enhanced by an augmented reality filter that can be activated on any smartphone.

Week 1_AliWALL sculpture

Visitors can take part in D’Tour by RSCLS, an alternative walking tour of street art in Kampong Gelam (Kampong Glam), and hear stories that set the urban art in the context of the rich history of the area. Also worth a mention is Saturday’s Plan, an art market taking where you can pick up cutting-edge prints, stickers and zines, and maybe get yourself a flash tattoo.

“By working with independent curators and creative practitioners from diverse disciplines, we are able to discover more emerging talents and showcase their work,” says Ken Tan, Senior Director of Programming and Producing at AHL.

“With many different ways for the public to engage with our programmes, the Festival aims to uplift the precinct as Singapore gradually recovers from the worst of COVID, and to reinforce the position of AAC and Kampong Gelam as the place for urban arts in Singapore.”

Find out more about AliWALL Festival 2022: The Dreamer here.

(Photos: AliWALL Festival and Howie Kim)

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