Last call for My Community Festival
As My Community Festival 2021 enters its final phase, there are still tickets available for many great events and activities – including a demonstration of classical Indian dance. (Photo: Bhaskar’s Arts Academy)

Last call for My Community Festival

My Community Festival is truly multi-faceted, encompassing guided tours of the bustling inner city and of slow-paced islands like St John’s, hands-on craft workshops, and enlightening insights into Singapore’s myriad religions. As the festival draws to a close, The A List gives you a heads-up on sunrise and sunset activities, as well as what is on offer for lovers of music and dance.

My Rhyme and Rhythm has been a highlight this year, featuring chamber opera, traditional Malay music and Getai with Liu Ling Ling. And there is more to come.

Dance barefoot with instructors from Bhaskar’s Arts Academy as they demonstrate the basic moves of bharatanatyam, a form of Indian classical dance that originated in Tamil Nadu and flourished in the courts and temples of southern India for thousands of years.

Or join Kelantanese Wayang Kulit with Sri Setia Pulau Singa. Not to be confused with Javanese wayang kulit (shadow puppetry), the Kelantanese version has its own unique storylines, music and puppet characters. Be entertained and learn about the world of traditional Malay performing arts at this interactive workshop.

Last but not least is a serving of Spanish passion as Daphne Huang from Flamenco Sin Fronteras (Flamenco Without Frontiers) demonstrates the core moves of this fiery dance form which originated in late 18th century Andalucía and remains popular today, powered by guitars, soaring vocals, clapping and foot-stamping.

Sunrise @ My Community serves up a variety of early morning experiences. How about some beautiful birdsong before the heat of the day kicks in? Robin Chua is your host at a thriving bird-singing club nestled in the heartlands at Kebun Baru. Meanwhile, on the east coast, leading qigong teacher Alice Ho can help balance your mind and energise your body as dawn breaks over the Singapore Strait.

Sunset ushers in a new programme of events. Take a twilight stroll along the Singapore River to hear tales of the Taoist underworld deities known as Black and White Impermanence in the company of guides who will take you from yang into yin; day into night.

For the photography enthusiasts, catch sunset panoramas of the Straits of Johor with Instagrammer and photographer Liang Guosheng in Sunset @ My Woodlands, or join professionals Charmaine and Wee Han from Tripeaksimagery in Queenstown to learn about urban and drone photography.

Last but not least, join the Sunset @ My Dakota Crescent tour. Turn the clock back to 2016 as Cai Yinzhou takes you on the relocation journey of Dakota Crescent residents. This tour gives a real-life lesson in the importance of estate design and its influence on community cohesion.

Check out all remaining events at My Community Festival here.

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