How affordable is the Affordable Art Fair, really? | A List
The Affordable Art Fair is back for its 10th year in Singapore, with works ranging from paintings to sculptures, and prices that start from a few hundred dollars.

How affordable is the Affordable Art Fair, really? | A List

The Affordable Art Fair is back in Singapore for its 10th anniversary and it has plenty to offer – from a wide range of artworks carefully selected by galleries, to fun hands-on art workshops, and tasty drinks and nibbles for those who need to refuel. Held at the F1 Pit Building, it promises a casual, relaxing ambience that will make even first-time art fair-goers feel welcomed.

The art fair might be accessible, but is it also affordable? Our verdict: There are indeed good deals and free perks to be enjoyed. Read on for five reasons why we think the fair offers steals that are not to be missed.

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Family-friendly budget

Taking the whole family out can sometimes be expensive. The fair, however, offers free entry for children under the age of 16. There are also free art-making activities for young and old, allowing families to bond over art.

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The priceless art of self-care

Why settle for feeling happy only when you buy art or look at it? A free talk at the fair on art therapy, conducted by the Singapore Cancer Society, will introduce attendees to therapeutic art-making for self-care and the practice of mindfulness. The benefit: priceless.
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Making art and doing good

Supporting the arts and contributing to a good cause at the same time is not only restricted to fancy charity galas. This sculpture painting workshop at the fair makes it possible for fair-goers to contribute to the Singapore Cancer Society. For $30, you get to paint an adorable dog sculpture by artist Zhang Yong, with profits from the workshop going to the Singapore Cancer Society.

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Your own unique art work

If it has crossed your mind to try silkscreen printing, but you never got around to doing it, this workshop is for you. Artist MOJOKO, known for his vibrant prints, will be collaborating with participants on silkscreen prints that they can bring home at $100 per print. The price tag is not cheap, but then again, how often do you get to hang a piece of art at home and tell guests you made it together with a popular artist?

Low-barrier to buying art

Purchasing your first piece of art is an “adulting” goal that doesn’t have to break the bank. The fair offers works that sell from a few hundred dollars, including the print Water Lily Dream by Zheng Shan Lu, priced at $300.

Details on The Affordable Art Fair here.

(Photos: Affordable Art Fair, MOJOKO, Asian Art Platform, Zheng Shan Lu and APPRAISAL AND COLLECTION GALERY)

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