HERE COMES KAYA & ROTI! “Where Are Our Friends?” by The Theatre Practice

HERE COMES KAYA & ROTI! “Where Are Our Friends?” by The Theatre Practice

Meet Kaya and Roti, they love to tell stories and sing nursery rhyme and meeting new friends. But with everyone stuck at home, what can they do? With the help of their pal Guyou, Kaya and Roti must rally together, get creative and find new ways to connect with their friends!

This playful, imaginative and engaging show, HERE COMES KAYA AND ROTI! Where Are Our Friends, performed in Mandarin, reinvents classic Mandarin nursery rhymes as a three-episode interactive family show series.

This show is an extension of The Theatre Practice’s award-winning work in Mandarin Theatre For Young Audiences and is part of The Nursery Rhymes Project. Get the kids off the couch with sing-alongs, improvisational storytelling, craft sessions and more, peppered with audience participation and live interactions from the cast.

Catch the show during the following air times: Show 1: 18 – 20.07.2020 (Sat – Mon), 3pm Show 2: 21 – 23.07.2020 (Tue – Thu), 7.30pm Show 3: 24 – 26.07.2020 (Fri – Sun), 11am

Brought to you by The Theatre Practice.

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