Help your child deal with emotions through theatre

Help your child deal with emotions through theatre

Feelings of sadness and anxiety are common in a time of a pandemic. It can be hard for anyone to make sense of these emotions, especially young children, who may not be capable of expressing their feelings well. A new online production, When Sadness Comes to Call, aims to enable parents to help their children manage and better express their feelings of sadness.

The production, which runs throughout October, is a largely non-verbal play for children. It uses physical movement to tell the story, and it helps audiences learn the importance of accepting their feelings of sadness, and how they can deal with their emotions.

Directed by Ian Loy, the artistic director and founder of MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions, and recipient of the National Arts Council’s Young Artist Award 2014,  the performance is based on a children’s picture book of the same title by Eva Eland. The show, recommended for children aged five and above, and their parents, guides adults to speak to their children about their feelings. A complementary resource kit, which includes the picture book and an activity guide, helps families carry on their conversations beyond the show.

Loy chose to bring Eland’s book to life because he believes theatre offers more than just entertainment; it can also be an avenue for personal discovery. Indeed, his theatre company, dedicated to bringing arts to children, has used previous shows to help parents and children explore difficult issues such as loss or death.

He says: “Understanding feelings of our own, or that of others, builds empathy and mindfulness within our society. For parents or caregivers who live or work with children, this show provides a platform to share about how we can handle our feelings.”

Get tickets to the online performance of When Sadness Comes to Call here.

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