Grow a candy garden at home with artist Ahmad Abu Bakar
Artist Ahmad Abu Bakar’s colourful ceramics are up for adoption to help the Esplanade raise funds to bring more arts programmes to the public. (Photo: Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay)

Grow a candy garden at home with artist Ahmad Abu Bakar

If you have been thinking of ways to revitalise your home, consider adopting artist Ahmad Abu Bakar’s popsicle-coloured ceramics in Candy Garden. Made up of 150 suspended ceramic works, the exhibition is on display at the Esplanade Concourse and the public can bring home the hand-decorated pieces after the exhibition ends on 5 Dec.

To own one of Ahmad’s ceramics, the public can simply make a donation via Their donation will go towards Esplanade’s fundraising efforts to bring more community art programmes to the public.

Read on as Ahmad, 57, shares the inspiration behind each handmade ceramic and why he is thrilled for his art to go to new homes.

What is the idea behind Candy Garden?

The main concept of Candy Garden focuses on the notion of a perfect, ideal world. Although the works are a component of a whole installation, to me, each ceramic piece is unique, as they were all hand-thrown and individually painted with underglaze. Each of these pieces have their own narrative and story – a flower itself won’t make a garden, but a group of them will contribute to the whole idea of what a garden is.

What are you inspired by?

I am inspired by the environment, spaces, architecture, people, culture and nature.The colours selected for my works are often bright and colourful, as it is part of the ideas and concept of the work. It is also part of my personal observation of forms, colours and narration, based on what inspires me at any given time.

Why did you decide to put the ceramics in Candy Garden up for adoption?

The curator brought up the idea during a discussion and I was very excited about it as it is for a good cause. And it is always nice when my artwork can continue its journey in a new space or home.

What do you love most about making ceramic art? 

I love the medium. Creating ceramic art is an exciting journey, it requires an understanding of craft, science, and art. Working with ceramics has given me opportunities for artistic experimentation as it demands a lot of attention, discipline, and makes me feel like there are endless possibilities to what I can create. It also challenges me to look at the process as a whole.

Replies were edited and condensed for clarity.

Learn more about Candy Garden here.

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