Getting more out of the Future World

Getting more out of the Future World

Wear white and welcome strangers who cross your path when you visit the refreshed digital art exhibition Future World at the ArtScience Museum in Marina Bay Sands; you will get more out of your trip to possibly the hottest art show in town.

Doing the first will let you blend into the dazzling art projections and take photos where you seem to all but “disappear” into the works, including a 6 m-tall waterfall that cascades over you.

The second will deepen your appreciation of the interactive works in the show, which evolve and become more vivid through the presence of other viewers.

The museum’s permanent exhibition of cutting-edge works by the Tokyo-based art collective teamLab has been rebuilt to house 19 works, 10 of which are new. The aim: to both attract new audiences and draw repeat visitors after the show opened in 2016 and welcomed more than a million people.

The makeover, though, is more than just skin-deep.

Yes, some works have been refreshed, such as the crowd favourite, Crystal Universe, which conjures the illusion of being surrounded by shimmering stars. The work was rebuilt from scratch and its more than 170,000 LED lights were replaced.

The piece de resistance, however, is the Nature gallery. The six works in the space interplay and influence each other, rather than standalone on their own, and they also evolve through the viewers’ interactions. This dynamic relationship between the works, and with the viewers highlights the new, transformative experience that the exhibition offers, says the museum’s executive director Honor Harger.

This complex interaction also underscores teamLab’s concept of art that transcends boundaries, including between the physical and digital, as well as among man.

A teamLab spokesman says: “With the kind of conventional visual art we have had until now, you could say that, from the viewer’s point, the presence of others was an interference, at the very least. In our exhibitions, we feel that the presence of others can be felt as a positive presence.”

Those strangers cutting your path and in the frame of your picture at Future World, gotta love ‘em.

Details on Future World here.

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