Forgetting but not forgotten | A List
The concert Remember Me, Living With Dementia aims to raise awareness of the condition and reduce the stigma surrounding it. (Photo: Mind Science Centre)

Forgetting but not forgotten | A List

The statistics are sobering – 1 in 50 above the age of 65 ends up with dementia. Yet the health condition is not known by many and few understand it. The Mind Science Centre, an academic research centre under the National University Health System and NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine’s department of psychological medicine aims to change this.

The Centre, dedicated to raising community awareness and support for dementia, is supporting the concert, Remember Me, Living With Dementia. staged by volunteers.

The show, staged by volunteers, features songs in English and Mandarin. It brings the audience on an emotional and reflective journey as they follow the moving story of the lead character Amah Lucy. She struggles to come to terms with dementia and its effects on her life, memories and loved ones.

The Centre’s director, Associate Professor John Wong Chee Meng, says the mental deterioration can be frustrating for both the patient and his loved ones. “With dementia, the patient will lose social connections with loved ones, starting by not recognising his or her social and biological relationships – this is most heart-breaking for the family.”

The show’s producer Mary Anne Tan says: “Music brings people together and it is such an important time to raise awareness on dementia, to help children understand how their parents age and how to better love and care them.”

The production brings together a host of talented singers, actors and artists, including the award-winning composer Elaine Chan, who has worked on productions such as Dim Sum Dolly and Wild Rice’s Aladdin.

Funds raised from ticket sales of the concert, held at the Esplanade Concert Hall, will go towards supporting the research programmes of Mind Science Centre and dementia prevention.

Details of Remember Me, Living with Dementia here.

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