Explore strangers’ lives and homes virtually with a new art project
A new digital art walk by OH! Open House explores the new normal through art and music. (Image: OH! Open House)

Explore strangers’ lives and homes virtually with a new art project

With the number of visitors to a home still capped for safe distancing reasons, the popular annual art walks organised by independent arts group OH! Open House is changing tack this year. It is bringing people into the homes and lives of strangers virtually.

OH! Open House is known for its art walks, which bring participants on guided tours to view art installed in homes and neighbourhoods. Its previous editions, which have often sold out, include art tours of neighbourhoods such as Emerald Hill and Holland Village. This year, OH! will launch its first virtual art walk on 30 Oct.     

The event, Days — and counting, is inspired by the transformative experiences people had during the Circuit Breaker earlier this year.  

Mr Alan Oei, the co-founder and artistic director of OH! Open House, says: “The narrative around COVID-19 is that it’s a bad dream. Bad things happen, but when we wake up, life can go back to normal.”

“But COVID -19 has only deepened and exposed so many of the fault lines and iniquities in society. This might be a perpetual nightmare.”

The virtual art walks, however, will be more of a reverie. There will be three editions of the walks, each titled differently and featuring various artists and works. The first, Walls Crumble, will bring participants on an adventure via the virtual realm of Teletext, a now-defunct information service that used to run on TVs and provide everything from news to information about stock prices and winning lottery numbers.

The art walk explores the notion of home, and it zooms in on turning points in the lives of six Singaporean artists as they grapple with the changing concept of home and the blurred boundaries between public and private lives in the new normal. The artists featured in this digital walk are Ang Kia Yee, Hunny and Lummy, Kevin Fee, Pat Toh, and Tristan Lim, and their works range from a looping video to a livestreamed performance. 

Oei says: “The OH! experience is fundamentally different from museums and galleries. We focus on storytelling, specifically stories that are alternative. In our new platform, we want to weave in more thoughtful ways to capture an ongoing portrait and create a time capsule of this exceptional moment.”

The second edition of the art walk, The Distance Between Us, will launch on 11 Dec, and details on the third edition, Waking Up With A Crash, will be available next year. 

Get your tickets for Days — and counting, Season 1: Walls Crumble on OH! Online.

We can’t wait to share more awesome content with you. This is going to be so much fun.

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