Experience the great outdoors with heritage trails

Experience the great outdoors with heritage trails

If you are an adventure-seeker looking to explore the great outdoors in new ways, try the National Heritage Board’s self-guided heritage trails. The trails, listed online, take you to spots of nature, and they include stories about the history of the spaces. Here are three heritage trails that will help you see and experience Singapore’s green spaces in a new light.

Easy reservoir trail with a dose of history

lower-peirce-reservoir heritage trail

Ang Mo Kio Heritage Trail

This trail, which includes a stop at the scenic Lower Pierce Reservoir (above), is an easy 2.4km walk. Information on the trail includes details about how Ang Mo Kio used to be an area with large expanses of swamps and tributaries of rivers running through it before it became a residential town known for having popular hawker food stalls. Other stops on the trail include the former Sembawang Hills Circus, which used to be part of the circuit for the Grand Prix held in Singapore in the 1960s, and the Teachers’ Housing Estate, developed in 1967, which was eventually leased to a private property developer in 2010. Learn more about the Ang Mo Kio Heritage Trail here.

Trip down memory lane on a family-friendly coastal trail 

Pasir Ris heritage trail

Pasir Ris Coastal Heritage Trail 

This self-guided trail, which includes a stop at Pasir Ris Park and a 6-hectare mangrove forest (above), winds its way through a beach and river in Singapore’s eastern coastal area. Another interesting stop on the trail is Sungei Api Api, a river that was once the source of livelihood – shrimp fishing – for villagers living in nearby kampongs. The villages have since been replaced by high-rise apartments, but the river remains a key landmark in Pasir Ris. Learn more about the Pasir Ris Coastal Heritage Trail here.

History lesson in a nature reserve  

bukit-timah-nature-reserve heritage trail

WWII Legacy Trail 

This trail, which includes Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Bukit Timah Hill, will take you to World War II historical sites. One of them is the former Ford Factory, the location where British forces officially surrendered Singapore to the Japanese. The route, which can be covered in 1.5 hours, includes a stop at Beauty World, a shopping mall built over a former amusement park that became one of Singapore’s largest gambling halls during the Japanese Occupation. Learn more about the WWII Legacy Trail here.

For other self-guided trails, explore the National Heritage Board’s heritage portal, Roots.sg.

(Photos: National Heritage Board)

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