Story Picnic
Story Picnic

Story Picnic


You’re invited to the Teddy Bears’ annual storytelling picnic! Peter Rabbit brought Mama Rabbit’s blueberry pie and he’ll tell you all about how he got them from Farmer McGregor. Little Red Hen brought some freshly baked bread that she baked all by herself. And there’s a big pot of steaming hot stone soup for everyone to share! Sing a song or two with the Teddy Bears and grab some snacks as you settle in to listen, because these stories are sure to have your tummy rumbling!

Story Picnic is a series of 4 videos.

Video 1: Teddy Bears’ Picnic Song

Video 2: Peter Rabbit

Video 3: Little Red Hen

Video 4: Stone Soup

Accompanying music arrangement for Teddy Bear's Picnic Song: by Fahim Murshed

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